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  1. Love that cover. Also, are they doing a fist bump there?

    I so cannot wait to hear the lamenting X-Men fans seeing what could be the outcome of this arc. Their tears will keep me warm for the winter.

  2. I love Deadpool, but have dropped all X-men books. I wouldn’t mind if he joined the X-men, as a fringe character. He needs a supporting cast in some way. If he doesn’t join it’s no lose though.

    I didn’t like the last issue though, and I have loved every other issue of this series

  3. This could have hilarious results.

  4. I do like the title for this arc.

    ‘Want you to Want Me’ is just catchy. Then again it is a Cheap Trick song. I don’t know if that’s what Daniel Way wants people to think when they read this. But the title of the arc makes sense for the story so we’ll roll with it.

  5. I think this will be good.  Reading the X-Force issues with Future DP made me miss Deadpool interacting with the X-Family.

  6. I think it was in Cable & Deadpool where it was kind of lightly mentioned how Deadpool wanted to be an X-Men, but they always rejected him cause he was too crazy. So im glad theyre bringing this plot point to light. Deadpool was always lightly involved with the X-Family, so its cool to see him up front directly involved with them in this arc.

  7. If Wolverine can be in the X-Men then so can Deadpool.

    If Emma Frost can be an X-Man, then so can Deadpool.

    If Mystique could be trusted enough to at least be an ally at one point, so can Deadpool!

  8. That cover reminds me of 9th grade art class.

  9. Yes! He might become an X-Man! In your face Ron Richards! 🙂

    Good issue as always, that pancake joke is just as random as the meat suit. Art was a bit rougher then usual for Medina though.

  10. Dude. Congrats Way for a few solid issues! Keep it up

  11. Deadpool is exactly what the X-Men need. I’m not joking at all. Put him in the main book too! The X-Books have become humorless parodies of themselves and only a character as ridiculous as Deadpool can pull them out of that muck.

    Really, I’m not joking. 

  12. This was my pick this week.  I really loved this book.

  13. @blulew23: If the issues are anything from what I read; then I completely agree with you.

    It’s not the huge fan in my saying this either. I would totally read Uncanny X-Men more if there was more humor and less moody shit going on. So either have Deadpool in the book or I’ll call Chris Claremont….it’s your call X-fans.

  14. I’m happy to see more people likeing deadpool.  I love the Way Deadpool.  Dead On!

  15. This won’t end well.

  16. I remember when Deadpool was introduced. Man he was so badass, I thought he was going to be what Wolverine is today in comics (not the crazy scizo you see today). I guess what I’m saying is, although I sorta enjoy the meta-ness of *this* Deadpool… I *gulp* actually "like" the Rob Liefeld original Better. Now the line to beat me up starts as soon as I get a plane ticket.

    Heheh, something that just caught my eye was page 4 where Dagger says: "But isn’t that why we’re all here, in utopia? Because no one else wants us?" Boy if she only knew Earth 1218 was full of men (and women) who wouldn’t mind her company at all….

  17. XD rereading that last panel just made me LOL for the second time.

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