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  1. BFF? 🙂

    Curious that this got pull back a week. But it’s coming out now and a stellar week so I’m not complaning.

  2. pulled back because SOMEONE thought there were too many deadpool titles  🙂

  3. @peterporker: You can never have too many Deadpool titles!



    (Okay there might be too many Deadpool titles)

  4. This has been a fun arc. Nothing spectacular, but it’s been nothing but a fun read.

  5. @ TNC lol.  Where did all this begin for you?  I’m fascinated with your absolute adoration and fierce loyalty for this character.

  6. @vadamowens: It’s been going on strong since Way started the series a year ago.

    Hey here’s something: This title has been around for a year! Happy Birthday Deadpool!

  7. this good has been ok for me

  8. @ tnc- i was refering to YOU my good sir.  i 1st read deadpool on joe kellys run as a kid and i was hooked only one issue tho. ive bought the 1st volume of that since and it didnt hold up for me, but ways run is perfect even when i reread it over and over agian

  9. If this isn’t on the "Best Covers of" feature this week I dont know what to say.

    How can this not be considered one of the best titles of the week?

  10. EDIT: When I mean ‘titles’ I mean ‘covers’. Covers

  11. Even though Deadpool sucks, this has been a pretty fun story-arc.

    "Oh, no! He’s beating our meat!"

  12. @ WadeWilson

    I think this has been the best story arc so, I’m hoping this will be the start of a new direction for the book. Way seem’s obsessed with Dark Reign, hopefully after this is over the fun will really start. If this issue is anything like the last one, it’s gonna be awesome!

  13. I’d be happy if this book alternated between DR stuff and Deadpool have his own adventures.  But maybe that’s why the "Merc with a Mouth" book exists.

  14. @Sunnyvale, I didn’t get into Merc with a Mouth, it didn’t have the Deadpool style I’m into. Deadpool: Suicide Kings is awesome though

  15. @Zeppo- I hope you’re right about a new direction, I think DP works way better when seperate from the rest of the Marvel U, totally off the leash etc. I’m with you on Suicide Kings too, that book is killer.

  16. This arc has been VERY funny. Like Tom & Jerry. If yer into that…

  17. Good book, but I don’t quite "get" the ending.  I guess it’s funny because Deadpool certainly can’t die from that?  Also, I am not easily offended, but the idea of shooting a teacher and burning a school down was almost a bit much.

  18. This was a bit of a slow burn after the great two issues before.

    Still the interaction between Deadpool and Bullseye was great to read. I hope we see more of these two teaming up/fighting in the future.

    4/5 for me

  19. Is the rating metre broken: Average rating 6.3 – doesn’t that make this more popular than Blackest Night. Isn’t 6.3 off the scale?

  20. Nvrmind – looks right now

  21. Also, maybe it’s just me but I am seeing a trend with some of the B books for Marvel.

    It seems the writers have wrote in a weird way of saying their distaste for Dark Reign or wanting it to end quickly. Cause it happened in Incredible Hercules, it was mentioned a bit in Nova, and now it was mentioned here. I really think some writers don’t like this trend Marvel is doing and where this universe is going.

    Again I’m just speculating here and it’s just some thoughts. But Way really seemed to hammer it with Bullseye explaing how Norman is gonna lose.

  22. what the hell was the last panel of this book supposed to mean?

  23. It just reminds me of an old Looney Tunes episode… I loved it!

  24. I don’t think it’s an creator rush to get Dark Reign over with.  If tomorrow a new leader signer for Van Halen was announced we’d all start counting down the days until he left the group.  We know it’s a matter of time and of course the characters in the Marvel U do too.  He’s Norman Osbourne, no one think he can keep it together.  It’s not, in my most humble of opinions, an attempt to rush the story.

  25. @DarthDuck: I dont mean that Wayis trying to get DR out of his book. Look at the solict for issue #15 and you’ll see he’s right back into the reign.

    I’m just stating that I am seeing more and more writers throw in a slight jab or two at this current predicament. Like some writers went with the flow and other writers didn’t want this to happen in their books. Again I’m just offshooting here and not stating any facts. Just an observation.

  26. Oh and I think the end either represents two things:

    A) Wilson is so bored that he’s willing to kill himself to get some excitment.

    B) If I recall it takes a couple of days for him to come back to life. So maybe he’d rather be dead then watch TV anymore.

  27. intresting theries and both are possible.  but i dont know it seemed very random.  perhaps that is the enevitable conclusion of watching tv for a straight month. 

  28. I loved this but the last page was a huge "WTF" moment.

  29. i think the end was a metaphor for ways fustration with dark reign

  30. I think I finally get what the meaning of the end was.

    Bullseye said that Osborn’s reign would be over sooner than later. So Deadpool bought a big screen tv and hid out somewhere remote like Bullseye said he should do. After a full month of eating and watching tv, obviously Osborn still is a major force of the Marvel U. So Wilson must’ve gotten bored and killed himself to ‘kill’ more time and amuse himself.

    Or it could be a mix with what peterporker said above. I’m pretty sure it has Way showing his distaste for Dark Reign anyway.

  31. Another fun issue, but I’m with you guys on the ending — WTF?

    Most of these arcs have ending that’s like a "punch-line" to a running joke that’s been set up, but this ending was totally random  …  & with all these guesses on what it meant, it shows you that no one really got it.

  32. This comic is so FUN!  I hear so much about "We forget that comics is supposed to be fun" but I NEVER hear about this comic except to tell the listeners how crazed we are.  This issue solidified Deadpool as a B-list character, even though he has about as much circulation as Wolverine these days, and is beginning to reconcile Deadpool as Merc or Hero. The ending is going to be Deadpool’s coming to the realization that Bullseye/Hawkeye already has: he doesn’t do it for the money.  I also liked that Bullseye/Hawkeye said Osborne was going to run his course, and it shows how even comic book characters are aware of how this plotline is going to end.  

     I selected it as my pick of the week because I felt like it was fun, the art was great, the action was even better, and it did something I had no expectation it was going to do as much as it did for the character in such a fast read.  I loved Blackest Night, but with one exception I saw EVERY SINGLE THING that was going to happen in that book, and some things that are obviously going to come in issues 1-5.  THIS issue got me.

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