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  1. why is hardly anyone pulling this? the dc holiday specials always have a few decent stories in them.

  2. I thought this was a lot of fun last year.

  3. Yeah, last years was great, the only thing putting me off this is the price tag. I’ll flip through in the LCS & is the art isn’t second rate I think I’ll get it.

  4. Yeah these are always pretty good.

  5. Okay so DC has their Halloween Specials and Marvel has their Christmas Specials…

    What does Image or Dark Horse get? Their annual Kwanzaa issue?

  6. Holiday specials I’d like to see:

    Arbor Day (trees!), Yom Kipur (atonement!), Saint Patrick’s Day (drinking, leprechauns, pinching people, and fake irishness!)

  7. I like the ironay of the Arbor Day Special being printed on paper. I’d buy that for a dollar!

    My favorite holiday in comics: Thanksgiving with the JLA and JSA. Turkey, stuffing and Power Girl.

  8. The Brian Reed/Darrick Robertson story here was great.

  9. You know what the bloodiest holiday is for the DCU right? Flag Day

    So many souls lost in that one year when Black Adam and Uncle Sam butted heads on what country had the better flag….They will be missed *a moment of silence*

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