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At 11 years old, Br

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  1. Fantastic cover, but little Bras has some creepy eyes.

  2. My Dexter-level lack of sentimentalityy mean that i still find this a little wishie-washie

  3. Provide us with a similar update for issue 6 as well.

    I’m only concerned about the end of the issue death becoming tedious as this goes on.

  4. Best cover so far.

  5. Got caught up on 1-4 a few weeks ago and wow this is amazing and touching. It reminds me of Jeff Lemire’s ‘Essex County’ in it’s emotional purity and rawness

  6. @ScorpionMasada-The end of the issue death got tedious after issue 3. The good stuff happens before all that, so it doesn’t matter to me at all if I know how each issue will end.

  7. Agree somewhat.

    Issue 3 was easily the death I saw coming from a mile away, but issue 4 had me guessing.

    A lame structural feature of a story can ruin my enjoyment. I’m hoping that it won’t bother me too much.

  8. It’s like a reverse Six Feet Under

  9. So far this has been superb.

  10. Teetering on the edge of the drop pile….

  11. Presictable, stale, or whatever, the storytelling in this book is a masterclass.

  12. I will almost certainly be buying this trade.

    This is the sort of trade that I will also buy for other people.

  13. @Diabhol: it’s funny that you want to buy this in trade considering it’s written in one issue story arcs.

    I get why you would give a trade to people though

  14. Is it safe to assume that someone is going to die in this issue?

  15. @ edward   I agree.  This story was written to be consumed and digested in the monthly format.  It give the reader time to think about each chapter and its events before rushing into the next part.

    @ Diabol  Though I am still sure this will be great in trade, Im afraid that you are going to miss out on something truly exceptional by not jumping on board the issue train now.  Go on, do it, you know you want to.  🙂

  16. awww.. we’re halfway done. : (

  17. I love everything about this book. This is one of the few books out there that justifies the medium. It will make a great collection. Saying it isn’t meant to be read that way is wrong-you wouldn’t get what Moon and Ba are trying to get across with just one issue- especially one issue out of context.

  18. Damn, you must not think much of the comics . . .

    I love this book as well, just hoping it doesn’t grow too restricted by relying on the book’s convention.

    After seeing the reviews, I’m not as worried.

  19. @LastDays-Even though I’m enjoy this book, I don’t see how you can think this is one of the only books that "justifies the medium." That’s a pretty bold statement.

    I agree that this reads better in singles. Theres only so much of the writing I can handle at one time.

    Overall, another good issue. 

  20. About the singles vs. trades on this series:  Personally I can’t imagine reading this as a trade without having read the singles on their own.  I would imagine my interest would wane considerably after just three or four chapters in, but spaced out month to month is perfect for me.  That said, I’m sure i will give the series my inevitable "big re-read" after it wraps up.

  21. This is a fantastic introspective series. And the twins are great writers, which is a pleasant suprise

  22. Man, I cannot wait until this is collected to be able to sit down and re-live all of these wonderful narratives all over again. 

    LOL I still freak out whenever anyone is wondering whether they should pick up the book at my LCS and immediately yell something like

    "YA GOTTA READ ISSUE 3!!! IT’S GREAAAAAT!!!!" 😀 hahaha 

  23. That’s it, I’m out.  Boooring.  And the art isn’t compelling either.  It’s not that it is bad, but I have gone from loving this book, to liking it, to being neutral.  And neutral is not enough to stay in the buy pile.

    I look forward to whatever they do next.

  24. Great book. Another great issue, and yes this is one of the books that reads better in single issues. I’m still wondering what the end game of this book will be. I understand the premise, but are we just going to see 10 different versions of his life and death?

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