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The whole time I was reading this issue, I kept on thinking “How is this kid gonna die”? And I think that’s the underlying problem. I am trying to think back to the last few issues as to why I should care that all deaths are happening.

Are the twins trying to tell me that life has to be lived to the fullest? That it’s fragile and fleeting? That we should cherish every moment? I don’t care. I guess the story telling is nice, all these people have great lives, not one sad moment and then they die and make everyone else sad.
I am tired of feeling bad for privileged jackasses. Everyone dies … grow up!

… wait a minute … I am sorry baby … I went too far … I am sorry baby … that review was too angery!

What I trying to say that the whole series is starting to seem pointless because its one dimensional, its about one topic and that’s death. There is probably going to be some great point in the end, but I will just wait for the trade. I am also tired of the piss poor dialogue. Getting help from an editor who speaks Portuguese and English fluently would have been great.

The art is great as usual. Pfffftttt …

I gave fives for the past issues. This one gets a generous 2.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 5 - Excellent

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