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  1. out of everything from darkavengers/uncannyxmen this is the one im most fearful over

  2. It has Paul Cornell’s name on it. I’m intrigued to find out what he has planned.

  3. Yeah, I normally wouldn’t consider picking this up, but it’s got the Captain Britain team doing one of the stories (that Kirk guy is doing some of the pencilling, even though it doesn’t list him above). And it is $4, but it’s a bit oversized. So I think this should be alright. Unnecessary, but fine by me.

  4. No way, not doing it, not going to pick up another 3.99 mini. Stop trying to milk us dry with cross-overs and tie-ins, Marvel!

  5. I like Jae Lee’s "Namor as Morrissey" look on the cover. I know Paul Cornell can write a decent story.

    I wish they’d stop putting goddamned Humberto fucking Ramos on books I want to read, though. 


  6. yeah i was goingt to pick it up but after seeing the preview i think ill enjoy the few books on my list this one not being one.

  7. good lord with the mini-crossovers. you guys at marvel are lucky my only vices are booze and comics or else i’d have to start dropping some books.

  8. these semi-regular X-Men anthologies have been great.  This seems like it will be a continuation of that but related to Utopia.  Any X-Men readers who like stuff like the Vignettes trades of the old Classic X-Men backups should dig this.  Cornell is good as is Asmus.

  9. I’ve enjoyed the Utopia run thus far.  The Uncanny from last week was a little slow, but I think it’s going to be something great when it’s all said and done.

  10. I have a hard enough time convincing myself to pick up Dark Avengers for this tie-in, let alone a mini.  I’ll be skipping this one

  11. I picked up the first 2 utopia books and this is on my list for wednesday but if for some reason I’m tight on money, this is the first to go.

  12. Unlike the majority of people I know and see on forums, I really enjoy a good crossover.

    I wouldn’t have expected to see Ramos on a book like this, but I’m glad for it. I enjoyed his work on Runaways a great deal. And with the Utopia crossover being as good as it is, just so goddamn good, I can’t help but want to pick this up as well. The Dark X-Men team is interesting, so seeing their origins is a good thing in my estimation. And worth 3.99 for the Jae Lee covers alone.

  13. @J4K3 Don’t get me wrong, I like a good crossover once in a while, what kills me are the minis and one-shots that tie in to crossovers within an event (Utopia as part of Dark Reign).  I’m really enjoying the the X-Men and Avengers books lately, but there’s just too much going on at once.

  14. Who are the Dark X-Men?  I honestly don’t care.  I’ve dropped everything Dark Reign, so I’m only picking up War of Kings and the crossovers, Captain America and New Mutants.  Marvel’s just so lame these days!

  15. You know…I think I’m done with all of these damn tie-ins as well.  Especially at $3.99…in these economic times…

  16. I love Utopia but i think i’ll wait and see with this mini. i already know who most of the characters are and really the only thing that confuses me is what cloak and dagger are doing there when cloak they’re usually loners

  17. @Diabhol  Bwahahaha!  I’ve always thought Namor should look like Morrissey.  I might pick this up just for that cover, though I’ll have to flip through and see the full creative team for each story before I decide.

  18. ok i didn’t know Ramos was doing the art. Ramos and Cornell sell it for me. goddammit

  19. All I’m saying is, just show me one place that “Dark X-Men” is mentioned anywhere in print! Show me one place! … Oh, wait…

  20. You know what would be an awesome crossover? Dark Reign: The Darkness. Top Cow’s The Darkness in the Marvel Universe! And all the pages would be all black. Just black. $3.99. 12 issue maxi series. Why yes Marvel, I am available for hire as a writer.

  21. getting it for the cover!

  22. @WonderManFan  — I think the quote you’re referencing was about a Dark X-Men ongoing, which hadn’t been announced at the time and still hasn’t been.  I’m skeptical about whether such a thing is going to happen, although I wouldn’t be shocked, either.

  23. @cromulent – they just have to throw in a Zombie on the last page, and it’s a go.  of course the Zombie should be in a completely black room wearing all black.  

    "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man"

  24. Why is there an avert for this comic….in this comic?

  25. I standby my earlier assessment.  delivers everything I expect it to.

  26. As you can probably tell from my earlier comments, I had zero intention of buying this.  And yet, I got home, looked at my stack of comics, and there it was.  I didn’t even know that I picked the damn thing up. WTF?? Marvel, what have you done to me?

  27. This book was terrible.  I’m really pissed!!!!

  28. This book turned out awesome. Was almost my POW.

  29. @Diabhol What did you like about it?

  30. I picked this up simply because I’m a sucker for anything with Namor. Can’t wait for the Cloak & Dagger issue!

  31. I really dug Norman’s interaction with Namor and with Dark Beast. I also think it’s pretty sweet that they brought back Mimic. Granted, the depressed loser/psycho schtick isn’t so great, but it sets up his eventual redemption as a character when he finally ends up on the real X-Men. I also think it’s cool they’re picking up Michael Pointer/Guardian.

    This book worked so well for me that I didn’t notice Ramos anywhere. In fact, I’m gonna have to go back and check which pages he did.

  32. Did one of Dark Beast’s experiments give him the ability to elongate his torso but only when behind people? Oh, anatomy, such a fickle concept to this Ibraim Roberson.

    Liked the story just fine; the ‘Norman has a heart-to-heart’ shtick is getting a wee bit tired, but not too much.

  33. @Yeah, I can see where your coming from.  I just really thought the stories were very loose and disparate for me.  I am excited for the new Dark team though.  I think it’ll bring a little fire into an, otherwise, dull run for all the x-books recently.

  34. The Cornell story was passable but not great. The cover is unbelievably great.

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