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I swore I wouldn’t buy this book after reading some of Marvel’s other compilation/tie in books in the past couple of years.  Then I had a reasonably light week, and knew that Cornell contributed something, and in a moment of weakness I picked it up.  I mean, if nothing else, that Jae Lee cover is kind of breathtaking.  Unfortunately, Cornell not withstanding, I won’t be getting the rest.

That first story, with art by Leonard Kirk, is a good character piece.  He writes an excellent Namor, all arrogance to the last but nailing all his underlying character traits as well.  The verbal sparring between the Atlantean prince and Norman really works.  It has emotional depth and tension, and I have to say I found it compelling.  However, that’s just one out of three.  The other tales I found lifeless, pointless and with shockingly dull or substandard art.  This may be overly blunt, but when you put some of the great art we’re seeing in comics alongside the mediocre (or just plain bad) I can’t help but ask the question, why are these companies making so many comics?  Is it really making them money? I guess it must be because we’re still seeing a steady stream of books that no one really needs or wants.  The trouble is, like most media, it means that there’s a whole hell of a lot of disposable crap destined for the landfills of the world.

I didn’t mean for my views on this book to become such a rant, but it just crystallised a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately.  Every page of Batman and Robin # 2 was a joy to behold, and worth buying in every format they ever bring it out in.  With this book, I want my money back.  This mini series seems designed to show Norman recruiting the team for his new dark X-Men, which I kind of knew it would be.  In other words, it’s the kind of story you might expect in issue 1 of a new series, before moving on to the main thrust of the storyline.  Does it need three $4  issues?  Like hell it does.  My mantra from now on?

“I must not buy these crappy Marvel tie-ins…

I must not buy these crappy Marvel tie-ins…

I must not buy these crappy Marvel tie-ins…”

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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