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  1. As much as I enjoy Cornell’s writing, I think the grasp of this series has exceeded it’s reach, that is to say… the concept didn’t quite carry 5 issues. It probably could have stood be pared down to 3 (like the previous YA/Runaways series) or maybe 4. Still, I’m picking it up.

  2. So happy this is over.

  3. So all the DR minis are complete (except for Hawkeye). Looking back on them, I still think that Elektra and Fantastic Four were the best.

  4. This was awful.

  5. Dear Marvel, Stop using the Sentry. He’s now been beaten by every character you own. Let him die a peaceful death and just got past it. Also, this has to be the 4th time Osborne has been beaten in a fight during Dark Reign. It begs the question of how he’s even in power at all. 2/5


  6. I think Osborn has brought the Sentry into every fight I’ve read in the last few weeks. This was a decent mini series but nothing compared to Captain Britain and MI-13.

  7. I cant believe I spent $20.00 on this mini… I really need to pick my comics better.

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