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  1. From everything I’ve heard this looks to be a game changer for Frank. Can’t wait

  2. Romita Jr and Punisher go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

    You can’t go wrong with it.

  3. The Remender talksplode sold me on this…

  4. @TNC  agreed. it’s been too long

  5. @Cutty- The talksplode sold me on this as well. I didn’t even try the first issue of this series, but with Tony Moore starting on the book soon I think I might hop on with this issue. JRJR doesn’t hurt either.

  6. Daken’s gonna dice up Frank into Frankencastle!

  7. yay! some Remender Punisher with good art to balance out #10.

  8. Remender promotes the shit out of his books on verious podcasts

    But just remember how lame the End League and Gigantic were

  9. I’m not sure if I want to pick this up with that 4 buck price tag. even more so if they just as a re-print of some old punisher comic in the back, so they have a reason to make it 4 bucks.

  10. End League was/is amazing.

  11. @skeets: let’s agree to disagree. Rememder is a little hit and miss for me personally.

  12. I’ll agree with that. End League was one of the hits for me though. Punisher has been all hit so far as well.

  13. @ Edward- Fear Agent is one of the best series to come out over the past couple years, don’t just focus on the bad.

  14. @Ruo – Fear Agent is one of my favorites of the past decade.  The problem is that I haven’t read anything else of Remender that I’ve liked. 

  15. @Ruo21: Fear Agent diffinately is the best of rememder’s title. But i’m not going to jump on the band wagon and gush uncontrollablely 

  16. Diced!

  17. when i read that scene all i could hear in my head was the song "stuck in the middle with you"

  18. Dude! DUDE! Tony Moore is drawing the next issue of Punisher? I didn’t get issues 9 and 10, but I will definitely pick up a Remender/Moore Punisher, even if it is a mid-nineties-esque Frankenstien/Punisher mash-up.

  19. Holy fuck, Frank is fucking dead!

  20. say what? frank’s dead?

  21. oh no, if frank is dead…whos going to punish bad people ?


  23. this was bad ass.  Slap-Chop.  Can’t wait for the upcoming Franken-Castle w/ Tony Moore.

  24. Good thing I don’t look at previews, because this was a total surprise to me. THought they would just fight and then something happens and they live to fight another day. But this issue was fucked up.

  25. Guess that the blanket statement that ‘Nothing ever happens in these side books’ does not apply here.  AT ALL.

    This was a fun read, and I am glad that I picked it up.  First time that I really enjoyed the bastard son of Wolvie.

  26. Impressive, I’ll say that.

  27. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This book’s haunting me. Got to finish my stack before declaring POW. Frank’s inner monologue didn’t do anything for me, but I really loved seeing a sky full of Goblin Gliders. I’m not sure if it’s fair to judge this comic on the preview for Franken-Castle, but seeing the little, green ghouls made me like this issue all the moore.

  28. the preview for the next issue had man thing, does that take place before the issue of dark avengers were aries cuts him in half?

  29. I haven’t read all my books yet, but holy shit.  This is my POTW unless something else just totally blows me away.  Great issue!!!!

  30. Bubba chomp? What just happened? Awesome.

  31. @Peterporker:does it really matter?

  32. My 2nd best comic of the week. what really sold me was John Romita Jr’s art. LOVE it. because of this im gunna have to get the franken-castle issues

  33. Now that’s how you write a fight scene.  Great issue

  34. Well, that was interesting.

  35. Going from Punisher MAX to this is the weirdest transition ever. Franken-Castle?!

  36. @PeterPorker: I’mma assume that Manthing is like Swampthing (heh) in that he is totally able to reconstruct himself and escape capture. Or not, maybe it does take place before that Dark Avengers issue, but it was barely a subplot so I also ask if it matters at all.

    This was pretty Ballsy of Marvel to let Remender go this route. I hope we don’t get dumb-ass frank castle. I’m not down with that.

  37. just wanted to know why norman thought it MATTERED enough to have him killed, now its making sense thats all

  38. Hated this with a passion, the writing anyway. The art was heaven to my peepers.

  39. FINALLY–a "The List" were something substantial actually happens! 

    The other "The List" books have been pretty lame so far–in terms of showing what would happen if the most powerful person in the world devoted all of his resources/cunning/skill to hunting down his enemies (The ‘X-Men’ were attacked by a giant fish monster–cool, but not a game changer; and the Hulk was attacked by Ms. Marvel…. hmmm.  Maybe Skaar will take him out eventually, but it didna happen in that issue!)

    Kudos to Remender for writing something that actaully reflects what might happen if one man was hunted by a dictator with superpowered cronies.


  40. The preview at the end made this book for me. Love those guest stars.

  41. This was my favourite book last week.  A bit of a shock Marvel’s pushing Daken to the point where they had him take out the Punisher.  I’m looking forward to a story for a rematch someday soon.

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