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  1. Ben Oliver art is Sooooo F’n SWEEEET.

  2. Yeah, picking this up due to the writing and art team more than anything else.

  3. Looking forward to this!  I just hope it’s better than the Dark Reign The List: X-Men issue.

  4. If Obsorn actually got rid of The Hulk, this would be the greatest comic ever.


  5. @diabhol lol

  6. Maybe Rulk is Norman Osborne.

  7. This was actually pretty good.  Looking forward to the upcoming Hulk stories.

  8. 3.99…..and a spiderman reprint…..ugh

  9. Was that prisoner chick in the beginning that one chick from that one miniseries about Hulk’s alien superfiends?

  10. She has been around longer than that (was Bruce’s flame at some point int he past), but yes she was the lady from the Warbound mini… which was not so good. Well, some of the backstories were good the Gammatown nonsense was dreadfully dull. In it they killed Hiroim and replaced him with her.

  11. Yeah it wasn’t that good, I’d agree.

  12. I had no idea what was going on but the art was fantastic. I love Ben Oliver. He needs to draw more things.

  13. Bruce Banner is currently more badass then The Hulk ever was! And its so freaking awesome to see that. I could read more of this.. The Incredible Bruce Banner.

  14. I liked the story but the dialogue leaves something to be desired.

  15. BEAUTIFUL ART! Where do i find more?

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