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  1. Yes!

  2. I kind of want a Pasqual Ferry Val and Franklin series. 😉 Looking forward to this.

  3. @Prax  dude i would love that. that would be such a fun book

  4. Fun stuff right here

  5. Nearly my favorite supe book going on right now.

  6. This book reads entirely too fast.   I like it, but I want more.

  7. Well, that was just great.  Very excited for the conclusion.  I hope Hickman has a long and successful run on the main book.  I will be buying it.

  8. Stormin’ Norman shooting at Franklin and Val was just priceless. Dammit I love those kids, and I pray to God I never have any like them.

  9. Loved this issue. 5/5 from me. Pure joy on the page. One problem though… The Fantastic Four see Norman Osborn shooting at their children, I’m certain they have video cameras as well, this doesn’t instantly end Dark Reign how? 😉 

  10. Amazing moments in this issue. Loved Franklin’s plan.

  11. I knew Norman was evil but shooting at some kids? C’mon! The FF should pound him into paste for that.

  12. Loved this. 5/5.

    Franklin is awesome. I’d read the F4 book if they put a Franklin back-up in every issue.

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