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This is what the Fantastic Four is all about! Good fun
stories, that take the reader to places unimaginable. Hickman takes a look at
who Reed Richards is in the Marvel Universe. What role does the smartest guy on
the planet have after the events of Civil War and Secret Invasion, valid questions
when it might be possible to avoid these catastrophes. Hickman does a great job
with Valerie and Franklin. They are no longer side characters; they actually
have their own plot line.

The art has been on par with what should be expected with
Marvel’s First Family. Chen’s Susan Richards is nice. Pretty, but not overly sexy,
she is a respectable wife, mother, and superhero. His Reed is also nice, a man
of determination and strong will. There are some packed panels in this issue
and the detail does not lack.

Good stuff here folks. I can’t wait for Hickman to take over
for Millar.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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