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  1. Has anybody seen the full credits for this?  Kieron Gillen said on Twitter today that he wrote the Namor story.  These anthologies tend to be uneven but I’m hoping good things for this one.

  2. Hickman – Doctor Doom

    Fraction – Emma Frost

    Remender – The Hood

    Gillen – Namor

    Milligan – Loki

  3. Hickman and Milligan on the same comic?

    My head is already spinning 🙂

  4. Full credits are here.

  5. So are they only putting Acuna on covers now? If so that is great as almost every interior he does bores me to death and just doesn’t look right. His style is not bad, just not suitable for comics with any action.

  6. Hickman and Adi???  Not to mention it would give me another dose of Fraction goodness.  I have to seriously consider whether I’ll get this or not

  7. plus Remender people, don’t forget it also has Remender

  8. "I have to seriously consider whether I’ll get this or not"

    "What’s left to ponder?" -Hansel to Zoolander

  9. Yeah, Gillen is writing Namor. 

  10. I dont know….I would imagine Milligan should be writing Namor. Considering he did ‘The Depths’ earlier this year.

    Fraction is currently doing Emma Frost in Uncanny. Remender is doing The Hood in Punisher, Milligan on….Loki? I dont know…But we’ll see what happens.

  11. Wow, Remender, Hickman, and Fraction? So in.


  13. Hickman with Granov? Yes.  Fraction with Acuna? Don’t love Acuna, but Annual was good so I’m interested.  All stories starring characters in very interesting places within the MU? check and check.

  14. enough with the Dark Reign specials already, just get on with it

  15. @edward-Why are you complaining…yet still buying the book?

  16. @Drakedangers: What the fuck? are you the complaint police?

    i’ll bitch about whatever half-arsed piece of rubbish special marvel put outs i want to. OK? 

  17. Wo, it’s cool.

  18. I’ll just read the Emma story in the store.

  19. This will probably disappoint…. but I can’t resist.

  20. @ MRMister- And? How was it?

  21. Not sure! Won’t know until tomorrow night!! You missed the ‘LL after the I in my first sentence 😉 

  22. more..**yawn**..Dark Reign.  I have an idea..what about writing comics about heroes ??

  23. @tazz well they’ve been doing that for decades, every now and then you gotta shake things up

  24. @ MRmister- Oh lol. Someone needs to change the lower case l so that it doesn’t looke so much like the upper case I.

  25. Oh, that is a nice lineup — writers, at least; don’t know most of the artists.  Cool stuff!

  26. Oh, Namor. Your eyebrows are epic.

  27. Wow, A LOT better than I expected. Everyones story was pretty good. And the art was great for all of them except Namors, while not bad, wasnt as good as the rest.

  28. This was really good. i was expecting it to be a solid 3.5 or a 4 but man it was a 5 all the way. Especially Doom and the Hood. Hickman and Remender nailed those characters and their roles in all of this.

  29. wait, I think i missed something. what the hell was the point of this? is this a what if? type of thing.

  30. Is the scrawny dark-haired Emma that we see at her home the Emma she really is, then she telepathically projects the image of the ‘White Queen’ into the perceptions of those who see her? Or did she just get a lot of plastic surgery and then dye her hair?

  31. @mountainwindcat.  probly a lot of plastic surgery and then dye her hair. 

    this was a little bit dissapointing… but im not suprised.

  32. @JesseG  i think it’s mostly to flesh out where everyone in the Cabal is as far as their mental state. Doom’s was a what if? but the rest are just kinda slices of life.


    I really wanna know what Loki could give Doom

  33. Doom, always Doom

  34. Wow, this was great. I was expecting this to be around a 3, but it’s a solid 4 all the way. I enjoyed the Loki story the most, closely followed by The Hood’s story, but they were all done very well.

  35. This was nicely put together, but I really don’t think any of these usually great writers really brought their A game to this book.  It passed the time, but I guess I just expect 4 or 5 star stuff from teams of this calibre.  And I have to second JesseG from a couple of days ago…what was the point??  There are a couple of little developments here which could have taken up a couple of panels in books like Thor and Dark Avengers. Even if you don’t read each individual book, Marvel does the recap pages in every title, which could keep you up to speed.  Sorry to say but it was a bit of  a waste of money, and may have been the nail in the coffin of my wanting to read every single thing that certain favourite writers produce.

  36. I found the Hickman and Fraction pieces particularly strong, but that may betray my affections more than objective quality. It was wonderful to see Fraction writing an Emma Frost story that was illustrated by someone with actual talent for once. A solid 4/5.

  37. the doom story was super cool.

  38. I like the stories with Doom in it, I didn’t like the Hood’s story as much.

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