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  1. DA returns to it’s glory!

  2. I hope Bendis at least takes a moment to tell us that the Nick Fury that got SHOT IN THE FACE last week in Thunderbolts was a life model decoy or something.

    Also, I’m glad they’re finally acknowledging Marvel Boy’s whereabouts. 

  3. Fury (and Bendis) are all about life model decoys.  Should be all good as far as that goes.

  4. so I read the last issue of Secret Warriors, but I don’t read Thunderbolts.  obviously no one can know for sure, but have recent issues of Thunderbolts related to this story?

  5. I dropped this after issue 4, I believe, but I will pick this up with the hope of seeing Nuck Fury kick ass. I assume Marvel Boy got wise and took off?

  6. That cover shows the inevitable.

    Nick Fury doesn’t stand a chance against a god unless he has someone who is going to throw down on his behalf.

  7. This book has become one of my favourite Marvel releases. I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. @ScorpionMasada That cover shows a Nick Fury life model decoy.  See them next in the major motion picture, The Surrogates. 🙂 

     Hopefully this comic has as much action packed into it as the cover suggests.

  9. Ya bendis is back! My two favorite Marvel team books come together for (hopefully) awesomeness.

  10. So are we finally far away from all things X-Men?  I hope so!  =)

  11. I dropped Secret Warriors and I am dropping Dark Avengers. Based upon the comments thus far, doesn’t seem like I am missing much.

  12. This was my pick of the week, damn good character piece for Ares and some weird stuff with norman

  13. Yeah, this was well written. If I were to rate it, I’d give it a 4 for the reasons RoiVampire mentioned.

    Still wanted that Nick Fury/Ares fight.

  14. Gotta say I give this issue a STRONG 5 and 5 great issue. Lots of set-up for the future. Great issue on a good title I just hope we can get over the whole X-Men tie in.

  15. I’m 90% sure it won’t hold up come next issue, but SENTRY’S WIFE SHOT HIM!

  16. WTF has happened to Marvel Boy!?! They show him in covers and then use him in the solicitations and he isn’t even mentioned…

  17. My first $4 victim. I was on my way to check out, looked at the cover price and said to myself I just can’t do it. Put it back on the shelf. A fluke or a reimergence of self-control/common sense? Only time will tell.

  18. yeah where is marvel boy? i didnt read the x-men tie in so maybe i missed something. that sentry scene at the end was cool but he "died" already a while back so it just cheapens the shock.

  19. hmmn seems I’m out of step again! Most y’all lke this… getting closer to dropping

  20. Just imagine how good this book could be if Deodato wasn’t fucking up every page with his shitty art. Sorry to be blunt but the guy sucks. He’s like the worst of the extreme 90’s image style.

    i realise it’s a tonal quality they are trying for but, come on, it’s not good

  21. @edward THANK YOU!

    I really couldn’t agree more.

    Deodato’s relatively newfound use of high contrast and heavy shadows can’t hide his roots as an "extreme"/"bad girls" style artist.

  22. My pick for holy sh*t moment of the week.

  23. Marvel Boy has been missing from every Dark Avengers appearance. I think Bendis forgot about him,

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