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  1. the preview of this has me way more excited than the last issue of the cross over


  2. Still amazing art!  Wonder what the new writer will do, though no one matches Bendis really.  Let’s see if he’s up to the task.

  3. I’m still very interested in UTOPIA despite last week’s X-Men Legacy issue, so I’ll be getting this, hopefully it’s up to par with the crossover special. We’ll see!

  4. Is that cover in reference to a Silver Age cover or something? The poses remind me of something I’ve seen before. Is there a ’60s or ’70s issue with two villains watching two different hero teams fight or something? It seems familiar.

  5. I’m not reading utopia, but do read D. Avengers. Is there any point to get this if I have no interest in the X-men stuff? 

  6. nobody knows for sure because it isn’t out yet.  but it will have the Dark Avengers in it doing the same thing they’ve been doing, if that helps

  7. Dropping this… at least temporarily…

  8. don’t do it, conor, it’s good. just not flashy

  9. So far, this crossover hasn’t been what I had hoped.  Maybe this issue will turn things around.

  10. Wait, wait, wait…this is tying in with some X-men bullshit??  Pull rescinded and book dropped.  Instantly and permenantly.

  11. P.S. I intentionally misspelled permanently to give myself a loophole to start picking the book up again after the crossover on the off chance that it is any good.

  12. I’m in for the ride guys, regardless of what you god-less heathens say:)  I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.  Every fiber of my being tells me to stop collecting this Utopia shit but my nostalgia won’t allow me too.  Oh, well.  I guess I could be spending my money on narcotics.

  13. This book has mostly been boring and not worth the price. Not even Matt Fraction can save my interest in the book. Dropped.

  14. I almost jumped on the dropped bandwagon last month.  Looking back, I wish I did it after issue 4…or 1.

  15. damn. i don’t know anything about this crossover?! FUCK! this is part 3?! how the hell’d that happen? do i have to pick up other books to make sense of this?

  16. Well this got me buying uncany and i don’t know about Bendis leaving. Is it only for the cross over issues?

  17. wow so much hate, but I guess the Xmen are used to it:-)  Fraction is really good writer and I’m enjoying this crossover. 

    It does seem odd that Fraction is writing the whole thing instead of Bendis doing the DA issues though. 

  18. @Face.  Dude, unless you’re a hard-core x-fan I think you’ll be seriously disappointed if you paid the money for the others.  Either wait for the trade or for your local library to get it.

  19. I just barely care about X-Men, and I think this is maaaybe my favorite thing I’m reading right now. History teaches me that the whole thing will end in tears and hurt feelings, but until they blow the last issue I am enjoying myself immensely.

  20. @jimski What are you liking about it?  I’m kind of grasping at straws right now.

  21. I think it’s supposed to be an homage to (Uncanny) X-Men #4. Not sure I’m getting this. It will be a game day pull.

  22. I’ve now dropped X-Men AND Dark Avengers during this crossover. I read the first couple of issues and they just sucked. Marvel should’ve just done a Dark X-Men mini series and left it at that.

  23. Dropped – If I pick it up after this cross-over i’m confident I won’t have missed anything…

  24. Fraction has been a bit of disappointment so far with this story, which shouldn’t be a surprise since he’s been hit or miss on the regular X-men book. I’m just sick of the old go to story of a anti-mutant group rallying support for the oppression of mutants. It seems like everytime a new writer comes aboard this is the story they go to. It’s boring.

  25. Only two more issues and I’ve thought this has been solid, not exceptional, but solid.

  26. I’ll be flipping through this in the store, but not buying.  The crossover has been entertaining, but nothing special so far

  27. I like how this is in the top 10 books being pulled on the site, but the majority of the thread is people saying why they’re dropping it.

     Personally i’m loving this whole arc. I know Ron says it feels forced but if people were trying to tell me i couldn’t have babies because i was born different then i would be throwing some trash cans through some windows. word

  28. I’m with Conor and others and dropping it.  It’s been dropped because they’re charging premium prices for a regular sized book, Bendis isn’t writing this, Dark X-Men and Dark Wolverine?  Seriously?  It’s as forced as the recent JLA stories shoving the Milestone characters into the DCU.  Marvel may still be the "House of Ideas," sadly they’re mostly bad.  I don’t hate the X-Men, I miss them.  I hate what Marvel has done in the name of so-called events over the past several years and when I think of all the money I spent on Civil War and Secret Invasion, I sob a little!  What a mess!  I’m only following War of Kings which is being done right by not being drowned with a million crossovers, New Mutants which may be dropped soon, and Captain America, and I will be picking up Fantastic Four again if Hickman’s run is as good as his FF Dark Reign mini. 

  29. great cover though

  30. @Prax: Yes! It totally is somewhat of an homage to X-Men #4. I knew it referenced some Silver Age cover, I just knew it.

    As to the issue, yeah, I’ll probably buy it, but I read an early review of this saying that the "best" thing you get for your $4…is several panels of fighting between Adam-X and Mimic.  Yeesh.

    I gotta laugh at people dropping this title in disgust, though. Yes this is an unnecessary crossover, but, c’mon, it’s not like they’re interrupting Eisner-winning stuff to bring us this. Dark Avengers is itself an unnecessary shlocky title that totally screams "Give Marvel more of your money! Submit to company-wide banners like ‘Dark Reign’!" It’s like they interrupted some of y’all’s guilty corporate pleasure to bring you something just as bad. So complaining too much is kind of silly. Don’t blame y’all for dropping it if X-Men ain’t your thing, though. Me, I’m having just enough fun with it.

  31. Dark Avengers was already about to get shot of the fence before this whole silly crossover started.  I think this might really be the issue that makes me drop it.

  32. @Jimski  I was going to comment on this thread but I decided you could just splice "I care way too much about the X-Men" into your first sentence (much like Greg Land putting the same head on a different lady, as he’s want to do) and your comment reflects my sentiments exactly.

    Re: the other comments, I’m really straining to understand the ‘forced’ and ‘contrived’ reviews of this crossover.  The X-Men coming into conflict with the Dark Avengers is the first thing about their role in the Marvel universe that has made sense to me in *years*.  

  33. BTW, if "this is forced" is a way of saying "I don’t want California’s real-world constitutional amendments in my mutant comic books," I think that’s a perfectly respectable position to take.  I would just like people who mean that to say that.

  34. @flapjaxx:  I agree with you somewhat, I was buying this title because it was fun, I just think they’re taking it too far.  I’m not just dropping Dark Avengers, I’ve dropped every title associated with Dark Reign that I was buying, especially New Avengers, Ms. Marvel.  Mighty Avengers and the Avengers Initiative were slipping into oblivion to begin with.  And I love the X-Men, I just think over-saturation has occurred across all the X titles so whatever made them special has been diluted into as many mags as they can pump out in a month.  Granted I haven’t read Messiah Complex and Messiah War, but I will seek it out and read it because I’ve heard good things. I think X-men has suffered greatly since "House of M", maybe before, but that’s when I came back into comics after a long hiatus.    

  35. I sad that fraction isn’t staying on the book after Utopia. I think the 6 bendis issues aren’t worth 4 dollars an issue. Fraction has the chracters down and isn’t dragging down the story as bad as bendis drags down everything

  36. I think this is one of the least contrived stories in the Marvel U right now — the realistic implications of a powerful minority living in an American city, the realistic implications of hate groups in our country, the realistic needs of a new government agency to take a firm stand — this is the X-Men as metaphor, which they *always have been*.  This is the X-Men standing in for Muslims, for gays, for every group that believes itself to be oppressed.  The Humanity bastards are the stand-ins for every group in this country who thinks the way to protect their rights involves killing someone else.  Did you all know that there is a shortage of shotgun ammunition in the country right now?  The gun club I belong to says this is because Obama is conspiring to keep ammunition out of the hands of gun owners.  The gun club I belong to encourages hoarding, so that every gun owner will be armed when the police come to take your gun away from you.  Politics of fear-based hatred in fiction are not contrived, not forced.  They are in the history of this country, in our blood from the Anti-Immigration Riots of the 1880s, to the Burnt-Over Country, to the race riots of the 60s.

    I love that the Fraction is taking this up.  I loved it when Morrison dealt with these themes in New X-Men, I loved it when Claremont dealt with this in Uncanny 200, I loved it in District X, I loved it in NYX.  I would be upset if the X-Men were, yet again, ignored by the greater plots of the Marvel U, if Dark Reign passed them by.  Osborn is too smart a guy, albeit crazy, to leave the mutants unwatched.  I’m really happy, too, that ONE writer is doing the whole Utopia plot.  That gives us a coherent story told across multiple issues, it binds the Marvel U together.

  37. @sigridellis1  Boom! well done sir

  38. lol at the moment this book has an average rating of 7 out of 5 stars.

  39. I’ve already dropped X-men and i’m thinking about skipping the issues of Dark Avengers while this mini runs it course because I can’t stand the direction that Matt Fraction has taken the Uncanny X-men and this direction that involves it with Dark Reign hasn’t been any better. Still like the Dark Avengers but I don’t want to get dragged into the UXM/Dark X-men series right now because of my total lack of enthusiasm for it.

  40. Dark Reign has gotten real old real quick.

  41. I liked this issue well enough. However, something about it kept it around 3/5 for me. Not sure what though, enjoyed the art, enjoyed the story. My major complaint is that of the many, many active mutants in the MU (Far more than 198. Glad that number’s been essentially been erased) we have Beast being depowered/defurred AGAIN? This is, I believe, the third time he’ll have been de-furred. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get progressively dumber like the last time. I miss the Fraction of Thor, Iron Fist and Iron Man.

  42. Oh, I dug this — though it definitely is more an X-Men than a Dark Avengers issue.

  43. well there are a few things to comment on. 

    one i like this arc.  i think its fun and intresting.  not the best thing out there but entertaining enough.  i think that it is intresting that cyclops seems to be acting as pig headed as norman.  anyone else catch that?  the only good guys in this book are Emma, proffesser X and beast.  as far as im conserned everyone else is being an idiot.  like i said fun.

    as far as the direction of Uncanny altogether im not sure if i want to keep going with it or not.  ill read a good issue than ill read a bad one.  it is rather inconsistend on its quality wich in its self is tiering.

    and for those of you that are getting Dark Reign fatigue are simply buying too much of it.  i havn’t gotten tired of it because im not trying to get every issue.  the books i have that have dark reign is fine.  Dark reign isnt a real event as much as it is a theam.  the closest thing to The Dark reign book is dark avengers.

  44. Cyclops is only being pigheaded if it turns out he’s wrong.

    Okay, maybe that’s not true, but I at least want to see what his plan is before I judge.  And how is Emma being more of a good guy than Scott is?  I don’t follow that logic. 

  45. Wow, that was bloody awful!

  46. So I’d not really paid any attention and was shocked whe my LCS passed me chapter 3 of something I’d never heard of: Utopia. And so I read it and I wish I could go back to never having heard of it. If Marvel want me to pick up a crossover and start reading all of gloomy reign then they’re going to have to do a darn sight better than this rubbish. How long till Bendis comes back?

  47. I love how well-articulated the bad reviews of this comic are.  Keep it up.

  48. @ohcaroline You do seem to be he last bastion of people defending the book. I had no real issues with the book, truth told. It just didn’t feel like Fraction to me. It definitely had the Dark Avengers feel but with Fraction’s info box humor (which is slowly bordering on being a replacement for characterization…). It was far from the worst thing I read this week, but I can see where a lot of the other posters are coming from. The only sticking point I had was that Beast is being depowered or somesuch and thats just overplayed at this point. Hrmm… now that I think about, I don’t think Emma can send or receive telepathy when she’s in diamond form. While I liked the double talk (It reminded me of a scene from 30 Rock) I was irked by the idea that I don’t think that’s how it works. Small stuff really. This isn’t the atrocity of comics it’s being labeled as, and probably the second best Dark Reign storyline going. Not that is high praise.


  49. Well…I picked this up, mainly out of habit and also because it was amongst my "pulled" books at my LCS and I didn’t bother to check it out before I bought. I soon remembered it was part of an X crossover I have less than zero interest in, and I must say it’s a shame this book had to get caught up in Utopia. Hopefully the book can get back to it’s own after next issue and we can put this behind us. This was in fact, terrible. I’m usually down for a good crossover, but I forgot how much it sucks when it’s centered around books you don’t read or really don’t want to read. Ughh.

  50. I’m not complaining about people disliking the book, I’m complaining about reviews consisting entirely of comments like "sucks", "awful," "forced," "rubbish" and "can’t stand the direction."    If you made a specific comment (you don’t like crossovers, you don’t like the beast being depowered, anti-mutant hate groups are overused), I’m not talking to you.

  51. @ohcaroline I never said you were. Indeed, my point is that I’m on the fence about how I feel about the book. I so desperately want to like the X-Men, they got me into comics when I was kid and they were the first thing I returned to in 2000 when I got back into them. At this point though, it’s clear to me I’m going to have to cut my losses.

  52. You know, it belatedly occurs to me that it’s none of my business how anyone else chooses to express their opinion.  I’d like to understand more about the negative reviews, but there’s no sense in me demanding it. 

    I apologize.

  53. It took me being in a bad mood while reading this to make me realize that Ron’s been right about this crossover. It’s like I forget how much I hate Fraction’s dialogue every now and again. I want Cyclops’ current costume to die. It looks like this is a convoluted way to change Beast back to ver. 2 (ape style), which I may be the only one, but I for one prefer ver. 3 (kitty style). I’m getting really sick of those quippy, character explaining text boxes. The only saving grace was that it wasn’t Deodoto (though it wasn’t much better. "Take me to your leader!" *douchey smile* WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT?!?!

    Sorry… I just got an e-mail from Instocktrades that, even though they had it back on their list, All Star Superman vol. 1 HC is out of stock… I was waiting 2 months, having ordered it from another site, so I was overjoyed to see it on IST, now this letdown is making me take my anger out on Scott Summers’ awful treatment. … Now I’m sorry for this tangent, I just needed to vent.

  54. I didn’t like this at all. I was a huge fan of the first part of the series, and I thought the two tie-ins last week were okay, but this was pretty awful in my opinion. The art and characterizations were really off, and I just didn’t think the book flowed very well. I think I’m gonna drop this until the end of this crossover. I love the idea of it but three decent > bad issues in a row doesn’t sit right with me.


  55. A standard middle issue for what has been a good storyline, therefore I gave it a 4.  Cyclops continues to play the game (with a fucking jetpack!).  Emma is caught in the middle.  The Dark Avengers are all conniving bastards as they should be.  Didn’t Claremont do those character introductions, albeit w/o the wit?  Are there really that few people who enjoy both the Avengers books and the X-men books?

  56. Was there any story progression for the Dark Avengers characters that I might need to know when I start reading this again after the X-Men crossover? Also, is the next issue part of Utopia too?

  57. Yes, the next issue is the 5th chapter of Utopia.

  58. really not very good at all. I think I have dark reign fatigue

  59. @captbastrd:  You can get All-Star Superman on right now for about 10-12 bucks.

    Granted In Stock Trades is a sponsor, but they don’t necessarily live up to their name. 

  60. @ABirdseyeview  I suspect Emma *likes* being in the middle, but otherwise agreed!

  61. I am really really enjoying this crossover. You’re not alone @ohcaroline. That is all

  62. How can anyone consider dropping this!? Every Dark Avengers issue has been kick ass. Norman’s gonna crack soon and it’s gonna be awesome. 

    Love it now its tied in with the X-men. 

  63. @TheAvengingAngel  I agree, this is what i signed up for with issue 1 and its still exactly what i expect from this book, which is a peek inside normans head and the goings on of his team

  64. Oy.  Not digging this at all.  Utopia didn’t get off to a great start, and this issue in particular felt so thoroughly contrived.  It all feels like setup after setup for clashes I’m not interested in–at long last, Daken vs. Bullseye!  Cloak and Dagger vs. Sunspot and Avalanche!  Why?  Who knows.  When it’s not contrived, it’s just inexplicable–the scene between Cyclops and Osborn was particularly bizarre.  What did Cyclops think he was going to accomplish?  Why didn’t Osborn try to arrest him?  What was the deal with the jetpack?  Harumph, I say.

  65. @PhantomPhrenemy
    I appreciate the help (and apologize for not seeing it and thanking you sooner), but alas, I have vol. 2, from IST no less, but seek out vol. 1 in hardcover. (So close to giving in and getting the paperback, breaking Ron’s cardinal rule of keeping format). IST actually got back to me rather quickly after I sent an e-mail about it, said they had like 2 copies that they found on hand, put it up and some other bastards snatched ’em away just before I made my order. 

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