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I came into this issue, fully prepared to hate it.  I haven’t liked any of the previous chapters of this crossover.  Every plot point has been so painfully forced to move this story in the direction that the editors declared it needed to go.  This was the first issue where, in the midst of melodramatic tensions between Darkvengers and Dark Mutants where characters all behaved completely out of, well, character, some cool things happened.  Nothing that made me think “Thank Quesada this storyline is happening, I bow to his superior knowledge.”, but the issue was at least good enough that I’m not going to skip the next issue, which is what I was going to do if the comic continued it’s downward X-spiral.

As an example of the out-of-characterness…osity…ism: Scott Summers lands at Alcatraz (via a jetpack for some reason), strikes a pose, smiles and says “Take me to your leader.”  Then crosses his arms and (given his facial expression) flirtatiously taunts Norman Osborne.  Then, just two panels later, his dialogue is all serious Summers badass.  And he’s got a big sour puss. 

Oh, and is it just me or does it look like someone in the Marvel art department told Luke Ross to draw Norman Osborne as if he were half bloodhound?  Seriously, his jowls touch the floor on some of these panels.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Unfortunately, the way you say Cyclops acts in this issue is the way he’s been acting ever since Fraction took over. There’s an inexplicable smarminess or lackadaisical nature that overcomes him, and most of the X-Men, at the most inexplicable times. Like Cyclops and Emma will start playing S&M dress-up in the middle of tracking down villains, then in the next scene they’re acting all righteous and serious about how persecuted mutants are. I agree with you, though, it’s out of character (generally speaking), and I too am just hanging on, still reading this. I get a certain thrill by seeing how bad it can get.

  2. @flapjaxx: I keep hoping it will turn around, but I think Matt Fraction has read too much of the Whedon Astonishing, and doesn’t understand when it’s ok for characters to be (good word choice) smarmy, and when it’s not.  It’s very frustrating to read.

  3. @flapjaxx

    that wasnt emma and scott, that was maddie and scott

  4. I just do not like Fractions run on X-men.  It not bad writing overall it’s just…boring.

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