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The main problem I’m having with this Utopia run is the inconsitancies in the quality of writing and I really hate Luke Ross’ art, for whatever reason.  The X-titles need a booster shot and I don’t believe Matt Fraction will be the one to give it to them.  Out of everything that’s come out, I’ve liked this issue and the most recent Legacy (written by Carey) book.  Outside of that, the Utopia run has been crap served with a side of crap.  There’s nothing here for even the most avid of X-fans, which I am, to grab on to.  I’m confidant that eventually things will come around, but the wait is becoming most taxing.  

That said, it’s great to see some of the B and C characters/students from the academy get some time on the screen and I’m enticed by what Emma is planning, but seriously?  I’ve seen some good collaboration from Matt Fraction with Iron Fist and incredible work with Iron Man, but his contributions on X-Men has not been very impressive at all.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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