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Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Declan Shalvey
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Mike Deodato & Humberto Ramos

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m sorry maybe this is a silly question but is this officaly taken over for Thunderbolts?

    • Yes.

    • It’s the same comic, different name. The old Thunderbolts are still in this book, it’s just some new team members because the higher ups think the Thunderbolts who are lost are gone for good. Jeff Parker has also said a few times that even he doesn’t think the comic will be called ‘Dark Avengers’ for that long and will go back to being called ‘Thunderbolts’.

  2. Cool thanks wiski and Conor

  3. gonna check this out. didn’t read thunderbolts, but am a fan of the new team members.

  4. So I am giving this a shot as Secret Avengers hasn’t really hit the spot yet…plus y’all have been singing the Thunderbolt praises and its time I see what the fuss is about

  5. Dammit… I thought we’ve gotten past all of the Dark stuff. I mean, it was cool when it was fresh, but now I feel like it’s a little forced. Whatever, it’s got Luke Cage and Skaar so I’m sure it will entertain me. $20 says it’s back to Thunderbolts just in time for ish 200.

    • That’s already basically been confirmed by the writer.

    • Was it? My addiction to comics and comic news has taken a backseat thanks to work and school. Well at least Parker isn’t beating around the bush about it.

  6. What makes me laugh is that the preview shown on CBR shows that there is going to be no ‘new’ feel to this ‘change’. It’s literally taking place minutes after the last issue of T-Bolts.

    Then I stopped laughing and got pissed because the name change is now officially stupid. Sorry folks, not sticking to this because Marvel has lost interest for me on this book….that and the ‘final’ issue of T-Bolts had a nice ending to leave the series on.

  7. I love Thunderbolts.

    I’m staying along until at least issue #200.

  8. Didn’t read it when it was called Thunderbolts, but now because it has Avengers in the title I’m in!!!

  9. I think I am going to pass.. I get too many books now as it is.

    • Avatar photo MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

      I agree! Was going to check it out but with so many titles on my list, I’ll be skipping it. I did, however, love the story arcs going on with the Dark Avengers from the New Avengers and Avengers arcs. Overall, SKIP!

    • You guys should cut something else this book has been great!

  10. As long as Parker is on this book I’ll be buying it. Dude deserves out business

  11. Well, I haven’t read it yet, but seeing as how it’s the only comic I’m getting this week, it becomes my Pick of the Week by default. :p

  12. Why did I even bother picking this up? This was a waste of my time and money.

    • Wha–? Why? I hadn’t read any Thunderbolts, picked this up because I thought it’d be a good jumping on point. Totally loved it! I’m in for the foreseeable future.

  13. Why does everyone assume there will be an issue 200?
    I mean it would be nice, but in this comic market two years for a comic is a damn long time – especially one that has lost 5000 readers in a 12 issue span:

    09/11 #163 – 24,199 ( -6.9%)
    09/11 #.1 – 22,596 ( -6.6%)
    10/11 #164 – 23,712 ( +4.9%)
    11/11 #165 – 22,536 ( -5.0%)
    11/11 #166 – 22,680 ( +0.6%)
    12/11 #167 – 21,167 ( -6.7%)
    01/12 #168 – 20,585 ( -2.7%)
    01/12 #169 – 20,316 ( -1.3%)
    02/12 #170 – 19,505 ( -4.0%)
    03/12 #171 – 19,073 ( -2.2%)
    04/12 #172 – 19,203 ( +0.7%)
    04/12 #173 – 19,017 ( -1.0%)

    I’ll stick with this for this arc, but I would rather be reading about the time lost team instead.

    • Probably because it’s been around for 175 issues. Also, I agree, I’d much rather keep reading about the lost team, and hope they switch back to that pretty quick, especially since the art will then improve greatly with Walker.

  14. my first test drive with jeff parker. i’ve heard a lot of great things about this series, but i gotta say: not impressed.
    i love the dark avengers characters, but this was pretty terrible.
    art is sloppy and dialogue isn’t good.
    it’s just as well. not a fan of biweekly books, anyhow.

  15. Well, look at that. The title change didn’t make it terrible.

    It is, however, a horrible jumping on point. With no context for Luke and the other ‘bolts I can’t imagine giving much of a shit about this issue. For me, of course, this was splendid.

  16. I’d enjoyed this book since Parker took over but I think I’m out now as well. I’ll still enjoy his writing on Hulk, but putting in a bunch of new characters I have no interest just doesn’t fit with what had been going on.

    Between double shipping and event tie ins and rebranding, I’m finding it easier each month to just try all the new Image/DC/IDW/Boom titles. The Marvel books just can’t stay consistent in the storytelling with all that garbage. Even a book like X-Factor that minds its own business can’t keep a consistent artist with this shipping schedule.

    • The 3.99 price point has pushed me away from a ton of Marvel books. I can see double shipping being the 3.99 of the future.

      People used to get upset with fill-in artists. Double shipping guarantees no book can keep it’s art team. Another fine Marvel innovation of the modern age.

  17. Where is Kev Walker? I loved his art on T-bolts 171. I want him back.

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