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Series Finale!! What?! Marvel’s number one ongoing series is coming to an end?! What could possibly happen in the last chapter of SIEGE that is so intense as to bring this crazy chapter in Marvel history to a close??!! Well, clearly we can’t tell you here but there will be a funeral and the fate of Norman Osborn Will. Be. Decided!!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. damn i love all the Siege tie in covers

  2. Reminds me of the Fall of the Mutants and Fall of the Hulks covers. Bye bye Dark Avengers run.

  3. But what of Bullseye Hawkeye? Where can he go? What ‘eye’ character can he take over now? Goldeneye? Blackeye? WiFi? Alas.

  4. @XManRyan- I’d say it’s intentional, Marvel loves the homage cover

  5. Are they referring to the Avengers in general as Marvel’s #1 ongoing, or Dark Avengers?

  6. @OwlyFan – I don’t think this is their #1 ongoing. Unless they are telling us they’re going to cancel Spider-Man in the promo for Dark Avengers.

  7. @AmirCat I’m fairly certain that yes this is they’re highest selling book right now. Spider-Man is their most recognizable but not everyone is reading ASM and a lot lot lot of people are reading this book because of who is in it and how it tied into dark reign

  8. Yeah, I think if you look at the sales charts, Dark Avengers was the biggest selling ongoing. Siege was #1, but that’s a miniseries.

  9. @RoiVampire – I am not a huge Marvel guy, so I could be wrong. But I went by the Diamond report for March and New avengers was higher. Dark Avengers didn’t come out in April.

    March 2010

  10. @AmirCat- yes, but that solicitation text was written in January at the latest

  11. This series has ranged from bad to great for me. Overall a good run but it feels good to open a spot on my list.

  12. @Peterparker   I totally agree.  

    This has felt like just a compnion piece to the larger Dark Reign story.  Kind of like how Brightest Day #0 and #1 have felt.  I just never felt like an ongoing.  Probably because I knew it couldnt be around too long, just because its stay was dependant upon how long Normie stayed in power..

  13. I call this a maxi-series. Only 16 issues with a finite ending unless they retitle this West Coast Thunderbolts or something.  Overall, I liked this book as a whole.  I found the weakest issues to be during the Utopia crossover.

  14. @JesTr – yeah the Utopia issues were brutal.  They weren’t Bendis though, they were Fraction maybe?

  15. On the series, I definately think this was a huge success.  Especially in a period of time when New Avengers was pretty average at best

  16. @cutty: yeah those were Fraction alright.

  17. So i really liked this ish. I thought it was a nice cap to the series. Wrapped everything up pretty solid. Although there was nothing absolutely crazy, i think it was cool the scene between Cap and Victoria Hand. Was there a different colorist on in this issue? it seemed a lot my Crain-esk in terms of painted instead of penciled.

  18. What’s up with the art?  Deodato looks like video game graphics all of a sudden

  19. It seems like Deodato has been half assing the art in the last few issues of this title.

  20. @viceversa – Maybe he was rushed.  He’s the regular artist for Secret Avengers

  21. Not bad. I did like the Steve Rogers and Victoria Hand conversation. Hahahaaa Bullseye and Moonstone you guys think you can escape? I thought that scene was hilarious.

  22. I really enjoyed this issue! I am thrilled to see that Victoria will be around and I hope brubaker keeps the same characterization that bendis made so great. Tootsie rolls he he

  23. Beautiful Ending.

  24. assuming Deodato inked himself on the previous issues, it looks like with this one, Rain Beredo colored the pencils directly.

  25. Wow. It didn’t look like Deodato bothered to draw on top of the Poser models towards the end, there.

    I mean, if he was rushed, he was rushed, and good for him for finishing on time. But yeah. Wow.

  26. This had a great ending, both the Victoria Hand stuff and Normie.  I do agree something felt a little off with Deodato’s art.  Also there were a couple of ccontinuity nit pick at the beginning with Cap.  He is standing there with Fury and then two panel later he walks up at throws Noram down. And two pages later it looks like Bucky that throws the shield (I know Cap has it). Looked like a coloring error to me.  

    All in all:  Story 5    Art 3

  27. This was *almost* better than New Avengers Finale. Really goddamned great.


  28. A great ending to a great series. Norman’s speech at the end was just perfect in every way.

  29. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Deodato gets better with every issue. Dark Avengers is the only way I know his art, but over the last 5 or 6 months he has become one of my favorite artists.


  30. This was the best SIEGE comic this week by far (and that includes SIEGE #4)

  31. That ending made me go whoa! fer sure.

  32. Best comic in the Dark Reign/Seige series.  Too bad all the other books at the end of this were crap….

  33. Very interesting and satisfying end … I’d love to see what happens to Daken and Phobos going forward …

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