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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! After years of mystery, the secrets of the Sentry are revealed! How deep is his madness and who is really in control of him? What is the limit of his power, if any? And what deadly mystery surrounds him causing mortals and gods to tremble in fear?

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I don’t care about those questions I just hope he dies for good. Worst character ever.

  2. Just turn him into Marvelman already and be done with it.

  3. He’s a great character.  Read his solo books, they’re awesome.  He’s been under excellent characterization in Bendis’s books as well.

  4. Ok, so this is only running 16 issues? Then why bill is as an ongoing? Why not a maxi? This trend of marvel starting ongoings that they only plan for running less than two years is kind of stupid. You take out the ‘utopia’ story and you have 13 issue plus an annual…so 14 issues. That’s it. But superman: wonk was 12, and was always mentioned as such. Sigh

  5. @kickass: I’ve heard his earlier solo books are great and plan to read them eventually. (I have four new graphic novels sitting on my night stand already) But I disagree with him having excellent characterization under Bendis. I think his re-introduction in New Avengers was great and everything up till Civil War. Since then he has been the same character repeating the same story arc over and over. One of three things happens, his ‘wife’ freaks out and he talks all soft and sweet to her, he dies and then comes back,  or someone in power (Tony Stark, Osborn) try to manipulate him by using the Void as a scare tactic. ‘Its ok Bob, trust me and I’ll make that nasty Void go away.’ BORING! Time to die for good Bob…

  6. @Kickass: I totally agree.


    The Sentry has been, at best, a supporting character in the New, Mighty and Dark Avengers. Bendis hasn’t really based any story on him (other than the re-introduction which was excellent!). So this compliant that he is boring and over-exposed is stupid. He’s been used as an unknown; creating a sense of danger in any situation. Not repeating the same story arc (story arc is a very painful buzz word by the way) 

    I think on this website the Sentry get an unfair amount of grief because the iFanboys are very vocal in their dislike. So people need to think harder about what they are reading. Not just join the chorus of bitching 

  7. Every time I’ve seen the Sentry popped up, I’ve enjoyed it…. except Secret Invasion.

  8. @Rou21: actually? yeah, he was pretty lame in SI

  9. My brother pointed out something funny. What’s the point of having the Sentry on the team, if every time they get into a battle, something makes it so that the Sentry is unable to do anything until about the end of it? Almost every time, the Sentry does jack-shit.

  10. @Sai: he just blew a hole though that big castle-thing and beat Thor in Siege #1. So what does your brother say about that?

  11. i really really enjoy the sentry, but i do wonder how bendis is planning on killing  and bringing him back for this issue, like he does in almost every issue of DA

  12. The Sentry is awesome but I’m cutting back beacuse of the shitload next week.

  13. @edward I actually want to trade in my Thor Action Figure with a Sentry.

  14. Bendis has SOMETHING in mind for the Sentry.  no idea what, but all of his use or misuse thus far is leading to something.  at least that’s the illusion I want to have.

  15. @corpseed Is turning Sentry into Marvelman part of the larger plan?  If so, I haven’t heard it.

  16. @mikeandzod21  would you rather pay mini-series prices for the book for 16 issues

  17. Theres a lot of little threads that have been planted about the Sentry for quite some time now.  Hopefully we finally get a pay off here

  18. @edward: Okay I guess I meant be is repeating the same ‘scenes’ or ‘stories’, sorry if the word ‘arc’ confused you. And Bendis not basing a story on him is exactly the point, that’s what makes him boring, he hasn’t been developed. And how does he add danger? By hanging back until the last second and then winning the fight? Bendis should change his name to dues ex machina. Osborn or Stark constantly saying ‘calm down down Bob, everything is going to be okay’ doesn’t make him dangerous it makes him repeatative.

    Also I’m not trying to join the chorus of bitching just because you don’t agree with me. Maybe you need to read a little harder and realize that their just isn’t any depth to this character and just because you want there to be doesn’t make it so. I have hope that in the end Bendis has something interesting planned for him but I haven’t seen it yet.

  19. @USPUNX – "that their just isn’t any depth to this character"

    You ‘re exactly wrong there.  Depth of character is what Bendis provides.  A little at a time, over 60 issues.  He’s a long term game planner, and it’s awesome!

  20. @kickass: Total agreement on that point! I love Bendis for his long plans and epic arcs, I think I liked the build to Secret Invasion more then the actual event! All I’m saying is I don’t like what he has done with the Sentry. I think whatever big reveal he has planned will seem a little flat given how under used and developed he has been. Take Marvel Boy for example, a character that has barely been touched since Morrison’s mini a few years ago. Bendis brought him along slowly, Illuminati and SI, and then made him a Dark Avenger. I think he has done more to make Marvel Boy interesting in 19 or so issues of Dark Avengers than he has done with the Sentry in nearly 3x as many issues. No disagreement about him being a long term planer with typically stellar results, I just don’t feel liked it worked well with the Sentry. I hope I’m wrong, maybe there will be some awesome moment in Siege that will make me love the Sentry like I did when first re-introduced in New Avengers. I hope so but I just doubt it.

  21. It works.  Or let’s say it works for me.  I think Sentry’s an awesome character. 

  22. Okay fair enough. I really did like him a first, hopefully Bendis can make me like him again.

  23. @Vadamowens: the Sentry/Marvelman thing is just people talking rubbish. Nonscenical, stupid fanboy rubbish.

    @USPUNX: You made a good point about the lack of a story for the character. you lost me a little bit when you mentioned "deux ex machina" because that is another terrible buzzword. But you did make a good point, an actual story about the Sentry would be good

  24. @edward-If you had asked people a year ago about Marvel acquiring Marvelman that would have been dismissed as BS as well, and here we are.

    Not saying it is going to happen, just saying that there is a possibility.

  25. @ uspunx

    I am hopeful bendis will pull it off the knock against bendis much like millar (keep in mind I like bendis and millar) is they build well then kind of fizzle at the end I am hoping for the opposite here, flawed build up but big ending, we shall see

  26. @MisterJ: I don’t remember people making commets like Marvel is definately going to buy that character before they actually did… that’s the differience, mate

  27. the end of the long-term Sentry arc was in mind when we saw him in that jail cell on the Raft.  that is how Bendis operates.  there is no way the Marvelman purchase was even in the works, okay, MAYBE, POSSIBLY, in the works, but Bendis probably did not know about it.

  28. you know what though, I bet the teaser with all the different headshots around Norman sitting actually features the answer to the secret weapon question.  AND… I bet it’s Scarlet Witch.  that’s how the whole uber-mega-super story arc pays off.  or maybe I just really like the Scarlet Witch.

  29. @AbirdseyView: Both of your points make a lot of sense

  30. @abirdseyeview  well it would be poetic

  31. @edward-You missed my point.  I was not saying that there is a definite connection between Marvelman and the Sentry.  All I was saying is that just because an idea seems outlandish does not mean that it is impossible. 

  32. @MisterJ: i understood that but it didn’t really apply to this situation. Yup, i get that outlandish things could happen however i don’t comment but these outlandish things without any proof.

    But inthe interests of avoiding another Green lantern #38 fight. I get your point and you’re right. I think our points were different howevr

  33. @edward-are you saying that we should be responsible on the internet??  I think that the whole system would collapse if we followed those rules  🙂

    But seriously, you make a good point on witholding comments such as that without saying that it is a theory first.

  34. Green Lantern 38. Never forget

  35. ahh memories…

  36. Wow! This issue was epic.

  37. @edward:I was mainly referring to what goes on in the Dark Avengers stories. Also I disregard what happened in Siege cuz to me at least that issue was shit.

  38. @Sai: I guess if you’re going to hate the book for a pretty weak reason than you’re going to hate the book. What can i say?

  39. Damn! That was a good goddamn issue! Shock of the week, did not see that coming!

  40. I’ve never read any "avengers" book or anything with this "sentry" guy (except maybe for siege #1) before this issue, but i really liked this

  41. I would love to see more black and white dedato pencils as well!

  42. This…this was excellent.

  43. Best issue of this title yet.

  44. As much as I don’t believe this tied into Siege very much i was very happy with the devlopment with Sentry and how the issue was written from the introduction to the black and white past of the Sentry and the normal present story. But I definitely did not see this explanation coming

  45. Wow this was a million times better than I expected.

  46. @edward: I don’t hate the book for that reason, there are many other reasons, that was just one thing, but what ev. It’s not worth getting into an argument about.

  47. but that’s what i just said

  48. This was really good.

    I’d like to think this is the set-up to the Sentry being one of the next big villains, but I expect he’s just going to martyr himself. Ah well. 🙂

  49. who else wants a Sentry ongoing?

  50. @NathanNicdao: eh, maybe not an ongoing, man, let’s not go nuts

  51. Fantastic book!!!!

  52. I loved this issue. POW. This is the culmination of all Bendis’ Sentry stories since the second arc of New Avengers. It also explains EVERYTHING. A lot of the bitching about the Sentry in the comments above are answered in this issue. Although the junkie reveal was already established if you had read the Jenkins/Romita Jr. mini from a few years back. It’s just a shame that all the haters will just dismiss this issue without even reading it, even though it addresses all the bitching and moaning that i’ve heard from them over the course of the Sentry’s tenure at Marvel. Next time someone complains about the Sentry to you, refer them here.

    I think the problem with Bendis’ handling of the Sentry is that it was too drawn out and too repetitive. that’s not to say what Bendis brought forward was bad, it wasn’t. It was just the same stuff over and over again over a long period of time.

  53. hahahaha

  54. I don’t feel like I learned anything about the Sentry this issue. 

  55. @magnum were you reading or just looking at the pictures?

  56. @Magnum240  Well we learned that his powers come from accessing some sort of god-like force in the universe. thats something new right?

  57. It’s also a way to introduce the junkie angle without just telling your readers "go read the mini!" He’s not exactly the most popular character, so asking people to digest a whole mini about him would be a little wishful. I didn’t know about it before this. Plus, I assume that the wife’s take on everything is new, too, especially that she remembers everything accurately. I kind of assumed that she was dead before this issue…

  58. Seriously? People loved this? I could see liking it, but people actually loved this? I normally like Sentury stuff, own The Sentury TBP, like what’s been done so far in Dark Reign, but man, this just seemed lame to me. Keep your Jesus out of my comics, kthanxbai.

  59. @velcro  I’m pretty sure jesus isn’t in the old testament

  60. Sentry drank the jesus juice…….That was a fun read

  61. @mikegraham6- too drawn out and too repetitive, that’s an addict’s life.  also, in this issue Void calls him out on it.  "You hide, you mope, you run." that line has impact because there is a lot of evidence.

    this was a great issue.  there was so much to like in the layouts and the art.  there’s still a lot left to tell though.  that’s anticipation, not criticism.  the whole issue takes place before Utopia and the Molecule Man story too.  so what’s the situation now after those two stories I wonder. 

  62. Yeah, i think the sentry’s mopey attitude is indicative of the repeative nature of mental illness. if you’re nuts you’re locked into this system of mis-action and error. you’re not evaluating your life and changing.


    The Sentry’s great. The iFanboy’s don’t know what they’re on about

  63. @roivampire it’s always been 3.99. That seems to be the going rate of most miniseries these days anyway.

    Also, this issue was FUCKED up. I don’t care about the sentry one way or the other but damn. That was by far my favorite issue of this series

  64. @velcroking bendis is Jewish…so I don’t really know what he’d get out of using Jesus in his comics (which he didn’t, he actually used Moses…an old testamant figure.) it’s not like he’s trying to push some
    sort of Christian philosophy onto his readers. And God and religion in comics ain’t nothing new, from Chosen to Preacher to Battle Pope to Fallen Angel

  65. "He loves you." This line really stood out to me.


  66. Also this is my first issue since… since #5 I stopped reading right before Utopia started. This was a solid issue, not quite 5 star, but close. I really missed Deodato’s art. The first page as well as the page where we see the Sentry’s gums were just great. I really didn’t feel any sort of emotional attachment to the Sentry’s wife with her story as it felt a little forced. There’s no reason for her to break into a monologue right after she killed her husband, but I did enjoy the story she told. Good issue and I’ll be reading the next.

  67. @ edward: why? Let’s go nuts!

  68. yes there is, she was talking to Cloc.  she wanted the truth to be recorded.

  69. Coming up with a reason for why Sentry’s actions have been repetitive and boring does not excuse or justify those actions from being repetitive and boring.  

    That much having been said, this was a very good issue.  

  70. Weird that I’ve been on with this series from the get-go and defending it all the while.  Now the book, or perhaps just this issue, is getting so many positive comments and this is where I finally decided I don’t really need this book.  I can’t see myself being interested in the Sentry or anything else that happens in this book during Siege.

    I consider this a great personal accomplishment as normally my completist nature would ‘force’ me into buying out the series.  It’s a brave new day… 

  71. @ABirdsEysView- She just killed a man. I realize she was talking to Doc Oc to give him her story, but it’s bad timing and rushed. She would either be going out of her mind or getting the hell out of there, she wouldn’t just be sitting around doing story time with Cloc. She can write her memoirs at a different point in time.

  72. well yes, it’s a device to give us, the readers, the story.  however, I would say that living with the Sentry for years has not left Lindy Reynolds with a full deck to play with.

  73. @Birds- I agree she should not be playing with a "full deck", yet nothing besides giving this monologue leads the reader to believe she is playing with anything other than an entirely "full deck". She is speaking fluidly and clearly, Bendis is not portraying this woman as being crazy. She definitely should not be in her right mind, yet she seems to be  sane and is able to tell the Sentry’s origin concisely.

    This is why I had a problem with the issue. It seems to be rushed by the author.

  74. well maybe not so much crazy as emotionally damaged.

  75. Finally the Sentry story is getting some traction. This was great. Look forward to seeing how the whole appearing out of nowhere continuity gets explained. Sentry’s about to wreck @#iT

  76. What a great surprise this issue was!  That came out of left field and I loved it. 

  77. Sentry mini by Paul Jenkins would be awesome.  He said he wanted to do a final mini.

  78. @kickass i would love it if after the Siege, Sentry took a little time off from the avengers and Paul did a final mini that really centered the character. damn that would rule. But who should draw it. I say we get Lee back from the original mini

  79. Perfect issue. I love the Sentry.

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