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WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Mike Deodato

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

Just what the Marvel Universe has been clamoring for, a book dedicated to Norman Osborne and The Sentry!!!!  Theset two underused background characters finally come to the forefront in a….

Look, it’s easy to be snarky about how these two characters have thoroughly saturated the Marvel Universe.  But before every problem in Dark Reign was tackled Deus Ex Sentry, Bendis wrote a fantastic conversation between Osborne and Reynolds about how the former understands the mental anguish of the latter.  How tough it is to be a hero.  The conversation really resonated to me, and then it seemed to get swept under the rug.  Well, in this issue, Bendis picks up the rug, and sweeps it back out.

This is easily the best Sentry story I’ve read.  We get his origin story (has it been told before when I wasn’t paying attention?), and the reason his wife, Lindy, killed him (the killing, obviously, didn’t take).  And while the story is one of the best Bendis stories in recent memory, what really made this issue for me was Deodato’s art.  That muddy dark Marvel tone that descended on all of the main books a couple of years ago is still here, but it makes damned good sense.  And the black and white flashback panels are stunning.

This was an incredibly welcome surprise.  If this is what the Seige tie-in books are going to be like, color me impressed.  Errrr, black and white me impressed?  Uhhh, yea, I liked this.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I was hoping this was going to be a good issue.  I’ve liked the Sentry as a whole and thought there was a lot of good stuff to use.  I feel better about picking this up now.

  2. this was a great sentry issue, though i don’t really understand how this is a siege tie-in

  3. wow! what a surprising book.   this is bendis at his best in a long while.  great deodato art too!

  4. Loved the use of black & white. Complemented nicely by the "split" of the Sentry in Mighty Avengers (seen by Carla Sofen as laughably old-fashioned).

  5. Maybe this is going somewhere good, I’m willing to keep giving it a chance, but I was disapointed. People I normally agree with seem to like it, but it just seemed so lack-luster and predictable. The void is the Christian god and possibly galactus? Nonsense. Ret-con city.

  6. @marvelzombie: Did you end up liking it?

    @viceversa:  Yea, it really isn’t a Seige book at all, but you kno how Quesada likes to brand things.

    @velcroking: I ignored the god/Galactus part of the story.  I agree that it seems like a silly overwrought retcon.  I mostly enjoyed the firt 3/4 of the book, an think it will lead interesting places.

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