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Following his shocking discovery about the Marvel Universe last issue, Daredevil has a weighty decision to make, the results of which will affect his friends and enemies both!

Meanwhile, the Nelson and Murdock law offices struggle to celebrate the holidays as insurmountable problems descend upon them!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Paolo Rivera & Joe Rivera
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Great to see the Rivera’s back on this book. I would love to make this cover like a screensaver or twitter background.

  2. I like to have a little Marvel with my DC. This book is perfect for that!

  3. Somebody needs to animate this cover so I can watch Daredevil’s little arms and legs moving as he makes his snow angel

  4. Daredevil is the best show on TV right now !

  5. If that cover doesn’t sum everything up about this book, I don’t know what else would.

  6. I really want Marvel to start making “I’m not Daredevil” sweaters…

  7. So happy that I’m reading a Daredevil comic that features Matt Murdock gleefully making snow angels on a water tower. It’s incredible.

  8. This has been fantastic, but I am not thrilled with the upcoming brief Spider-Man crossover. They should leave this series alone.

    • for real. isnt spider-man in enough books. im considering skipping that daredevil issue all together cuz i have no intention of buying it’s counterpart.
      it’s funny, though. it seems like they’re using daredevil to boost sales and inspire interest in a spiderman book as opposed to the other way around as it traditionally has been.
      throw your devil horns in the air cuz daredevil is rockn’ this muh-fucka.

    • @sitara119: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN outsells DAREDEVIL by about 20,000 units, so it’s more like the other way around. Besides, a Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover is a time-honored tradition. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Two of my favorite Marvel heroes crossing-over, f*** yeah! 😀

    • i never said DD outsells AMS. i just said “boost sales” and “inspire interest”, even if its just from the few of us who love DD and not AMS so much. im sure it works BOTH ways on a lot of levels. but, i can only speak for myself from my perspective and my original statement still stands. my point is marvel failed to inspire ME and not only will i not buy the spiderman book, but they’re loosing MY 3bucks for that week on DD. im sure they wont miss it.
      im very happy for everyone who loves the idea of this crossover, i just cant afford it. nothing personal, just business.

    • if it helps DD get more respect from AMS readers, thats awesome.

    • Daredevil and Spiderman…Sounds completely awesome to me.

    • As a reader of both of the titles im happy as hell to see this happen

  9. I just think Marvel has been overdoing it with this crossover horseshit, it seems worse than ever, if that is even possible. Uncanny X-Force was left alone for 18 issues and look how that turned out.

  10. DD, Spidey and Deadpool are the best Marvel has to offer right now. Meaning all three are hitting on all cylinders and are reading fantastic and the artwork is something to really look at. If I could recommend any new readers into the Marvel U than this Amazing Spiderman and Deadpool would be the way to go! I was very doubtful of this however; a lot of you made it sound really good and I tried it and I am stuck here with DD. Tomorrow will be a good dau for comics indeed!!
    I will have plenty of stuff to read while I am at all of these family functions this weekend.

    Happy Holidays to everyone at IFanBoy and all of my felloe comic book fans!!


  11. Love love love love that cover! Although, with DD’s super senses, that’s got to be a little painful.

  12. I’m not Daredevil.

  13. A Devil makes an Angel out of the pure white snow at night…Cover of the year?

    • i didnt realize that until i had the issue in my hands. i knew he was making snow angels, but the symbolism of a devil making an angel was lost on me until i saw it up close.
      just fantastic

  14. Superhero comics almost never carry this sense of vulnerability, which is what makes this such a great issue.

  15. I’m sucker for Christmas stories, so I had to get this. 🙂

  16. Holy Moly! This is how you write & draw comics. Is there a way to give this book six stars?

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