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LEFT HAND PATH continues as Daredevil’s adventure in Japan takes a deadly turn when he finds that one of his closest confidantes in the Hand may be serving another master.

WRITER: Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston
PENCILS: Marco Checchetto
COVER BY: Paolo Manuel Rivera

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Fantastic Cover

  2. Great cover yes, but I’m a little choked at the delay. Talk about losing interest and readership.

  3. This is the first Daredevil run in ten years that I haven’t absolutely loved (aside from the Gale and the second David Mack arcs). This is still good but I feel
    less connected to this than I did

  4. Anybody know the reason for the delay?

  5. @mrmister- this title appears to be heading down the path towards a mini-event entitled "Shadowland".  I’m thinking the delays are due to that book, if it is its own book, or whatever core titles this event will be made up of.  delaying this book would make for a better paced buildup.

  6. If this doesn’t make covers of the week I’ll be very surprised. I am hanging on to this new Daredevil by the tips of my fingernails at this point. On the one hand I like the truly new direction. On the other it seems to be taking the character of Matt Murdock to places it doesn’t belong. If Diggle can’t get me over this cognitive dissonance soon, I may have to call this a failed experiment. If he can make it work it will be a minor act of genius. So I am here a bit longer to see which it is.

  7. I find it surprising that nobody is really talking about "Shadowland."  Also, the delays are killing me with this title.  

  8. I feel like I’m enjoying this arc much more than everyone else

  9. one of the most well designed comic book covers i’ve seen in quite a while. I’m especially thankful that they didn’t ruin the beautiful art and kill the Hokusai (or is it Hiroshige) reference with some crazy 3-D effected photoshop type monstrosity. Well done Marvel.

  10. Cover of the week.  Keeping with this title through whatever ‘street level’ event is coming and then it’s going to  be on the chopping block.

  11. This may have been Diggle’s best issue yet.  having Johnston help out makes the difference perhaps?

  12. @johnthrax You are not alone. This was my Pick of the Week.

    I never thought ninja Murdock would be so entertaining. Some great plot twists, too.

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