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Matt Murdock begins his new career–one that will expose Daredevil to crime and evil in a whole new way!

If you thought the odds were against Matt as a trial lawyer, you won’t believe the challenges his new job brings–and what they’ll do to his private life!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin
Colors by Muntsa Vicente
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marcos Martin & Bryan Hitch

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Anyone know why we’re getting two Daredevils in two weeks? Not that I’m complaining, just seems odd.

  2. I think it’s because of Marcos Martin. He must be obvious working on a timeframe opposite of Rivera. So I guess he was done the issue and Marvel could release it right after the third issue.

    Why would anyone complain anyways for the best Marvel book right now?

  3. Well, with double shipping there is a very real fear that they stretch themselves too thin and end up producing lower quality books down the line. I would point to FF and Uncanny X-Force as to examples of where the art (and to lesser extent story) suffered under the double shipping mandates. I am not saying that whatever 3rd (or 4th?) artist they get will be bad, but it won’t be extraordinary and special. And as good as Waid is, it is the next level art/story meld that makes me get this.

  4. I really wish Marvel would drop this double shipping of books initiative they started. DAREDEVIL is the only Marvel book I’m currently reading because I can’t afford the other marvel books I would enjoy because of my budget constraints.

    That being said, I can’t complain about back-to-back weeks of Daredevil.

  5. Rivera has been awesome on this book. But Marcos Martin is one of my favorites. I am normally not a fan of rotating art teams. But in this case, Marvel couldn’t have picked a better duo. This book is awesome.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Rivera’s and Martin’s styles compliment each other very well, I think. Waid is a great writer, but my main draw on this book is the art.

  6. Great cover!

  7. Cover of the week right?

  8. What a great series! Thanks again Waid and company for this effort!

  9. the double shipping usually only occurs when there are more than one art team. they have pages done, why sit on the issue? totally makes sense to me.

  10. I think you have the causality backwards there. They have the extra art team so that they can double ship. Look if this stays Rivera and Martin, rotating, I will have no problem with that. Modern artists can not maintain a 12 issue a year pace, anyway. The problem kicks in where a third or fourth artist is required or it is so many books that the writer is stretched thin by the pace. This is not theoretical. Recently, on FF we got Tocchini and on Uncanny X-Force we got Tan & Brooks. Not necessarily bad artists, but definitely a tier or two below the regular artists (Epting and Opena) and not as good as the “rotating” artists (Kitson and Ribic). Both books were noticeably not as good and I include the writing as well. Marvel is systematically watering down their product in the interest of making more money. Not surprising, of course, but a shame nevertheless.

    • well said

    • I’m thinking more in the vein of Sean Chen and Tom Raney on Avengers Academy, who do appear to be working in rotating 3-4 issue arcs. Yes, many artists cannot maintain 12 issues a year and that is the reason for multiple art teams. So you have multiple art teams working at the same time to maintain at least a monthly schedule. That creates the benefit (or drawback) of occasional to frequent double shipping. For instance, last October Terry Dodson told me he was working on the Uncanny arc dealing with the then-current situation with Kitty Pryde. The first issue of that arc did not come out until May. It shipped only a week or two after the .1 issue drawn by Carlos Pacheco (which was probably done for awhile and was waiting for the Land-drawn “Quarantine” arc to wrap). Each issue of that Dodson-drawn arc came out within about two weeks of each other. You can’t tell me that quick release is not because Dodson had finished the pages long in advance and, for at least that first issue, Marvel was simply waiting for previous issues to come out so they could quickly get the next arc going.

    • This conversation is clearly long done, as this comic came out a month ago (I finally read it). I have no problem with double shipping product that is just sitting around. But it is a crying shame when they do that and then jam some truly horrendous issues that Whilce Portacio (to pick the Uncanny Dodson/Land team you discussed) crapped out three months later. It is about maintaining a pace that allows you to maintain the quality of your product over long periods of time. I would argue you make more money in the long run by producing high quality items, but Marvel may be right. They can force feed us substandard material 30% of the time and we will keep coming back anyway.

  11. Looking forward to this.

  12. nice cover

  13. Loving this book, looking forward to what Martin brings to the run.

  14. I hope the double ship does not dilute the book, but it is hard to turn down two Daredevils a month. This is the only Marvel book I have been reading and it is up there with some of the best. The first arch sort of ended on a weak note for me but overall the book it great. The scene in issue two with Captain America was suitable for framing.

  15. Between this and Cap, I’m gonna have to drop one eventually.
    Bye, Cap!

  16. Man, I am really looking forward to this book. The other 3 have been great and Mark Waid is a really good writer I wish Paolo Rivera was drawing this one but Marcos Martin looks like a good artist.

  17. Marcos Martin is great. Daredevil is great. Waid’s start on DD has been great.


  18. I miss Paolo. Marcos Martin is good, but I much prefer Paolo Rivera.

  19. Jeez oh man! I really wish Batman #1 hadn’t come out this week so that I could make this my pick. What a killer book.

  20. This wasn’t Martin’s A game. Compared to his work in Amazing Spider-Man recently and the brilliant and breathtaking Sunday comic strip collection it was lacking. Also Rivera set the bar ridiculously high. I just need some signature martin double page sequentials!

  21. Martin and Vicente were fantastic. I really enjoyed Rivera’s work on the last 3 books but I think I prefer Martin’s work and Vicente’s colouring made every page pop. Loving this, I look forward to every issue so much!

  22. I’m digging having a fun DD book to look forward to.

  23. great comic. i like both martin and rivera, but i think i lean toward the latter. i can dig this rotating creative team, as long as they keep it between them with waid at the helm. i am loving this, HOWEVER,(just one criticism) i do think that they might be pushing it with too much litigation. i just find myself not caring to much about what happens on that front. i love lawyer movies and shows, but it has to be interesting and/or bizarre litigation to hold my attention. like boston legal or primal fear or even a time to kill is great lawyer stuff. also, i love the devil vision when we see things through matt’s eyes. awesome

  24. I really loved this issue, even more so than the past 3. I think the art was a bit below what Rivera was serving up, but still excellent. I love the humor in the book, especially in the banter between Foggy and Matt. Really great stuff, and is putting Daredevil back on my list of favorite characters.

  25. This was a lot of fun – it’s the only Marvel book I buy regularly. Good stuff.

  26. I don’t read a ton of Marvel, but this was awesome. I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.

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