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• Daredevil teams up with the ALL NEW Superior Spider-Man!

• Yes, America, we’ve heard your calls! Stilt-Man Is BACK! Better than ever thanks to some last minute help from Doctor Octopus.

• The Eisner and Harvey Award winner for book of the year continues to baffle all of us here at the House of Ideas!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. This should be fun! I wonder if Daredevil will notice.

  2. Can’t get enough of this.

  3. Samnee drawing Daredevil AND Spider-Man! Sounds like music to my…..eyes? Wait.

  4. By subscription.

    Simply loving it.

  5. That cover looks great!

  6. Maybe Murdock will notice that this Spider-Man sounds nothing like Peter.

  7. One of two beautiful covers by Rivera to feature the Superior Spider-Man this week… We are truly spoilt. 🙂

  8. Great cover. You really get a sense of the height.

    Looking forward to this as always.

  9. i always love a team up with spidey but the fact its doc makes me more excited

  10. I can’t believe how good this book looks!

  11. Is superior Spider-Man written as fun as this issue? if it is than maybe I need to start reading it.

  12. I enjoyed Matt’s thoughts at the beginning, the interaction between DD and Dr. Spiderpus, and the talk with Foggy at the end. I didn’t really care for Stiltman though and thought the art took a dip in quality in places. Overall though I liked this even more than Batman 16, so it’s my pick of the week.

    • Dr Spiderpus…nice.

    • @BradLWoods3

      I think yer crazy. The fight scene with Stiltman was amazing! I loved those Ock-arms he stole whizzing around and DD & Spidey careening through them. Samnee really went to town on the destruction splash when Matt javelins his master control. He was really channeling 50’s robot design for a few pages there, too.

      Plus you got an Italian chef right off a pizza box and Foggy hogging up a cheesecake. It’s priceless I tell ya!

  13. This had some gorgeous pages. Fun issue… till the end. Oof…

  14. That one panel where Daredevil gets thrown out of the window and flips and lands on his feet skidding and kicking up dust – goddamn that’s gorgeous.

  15. love Waid’s DD. it’s going down with Miller and Bendis’ as some of the finest in history(wish his Hulk was as good).
    Samnee is glorious. so pulpy. so cool.
    Rivera’s covers are something else, i wish all of his interiors were of the same quality.

  16. After going through the 40th hellish ordeal of his life in the past 10 or so issues, Matt gets things straightened out for a few minutes before getting horrible news from Foggy and his life sucks again. And all he got to do while things were back to normal was fight a weirdo version of spidey and the most hilariously pointless villain there is.

  17. Bendis and Maleev. Brubaker andLark. Now Waid and Samnee. Daredevil has probably been the most constantly good book of the last 13 years. For some reason Marvel always finds a great team for this book.

    I really like the tone Waid and Samnee have. The crap storm that is Matt’s life is still raining as hard as ever but the smooth art and fast pace makes this book still feel fun.

  18. Chris Samnee should draw everything.

    I know it will never happen, but Waid should be totally writing Ockpider man is some capacity.

  19. “Thank God for Stilt-Man . . .”

    This might be one of the best issues to date. I thought Waid handled the “something not quite right” vibe with Spider-Man just right. Also, loved how indignant Otto got over the insinuation that he had anything to do with any of this. Then Foggy’s confession at the end . . .

    Great art as always from Samnee.

  20. There’s a good chance I’m the only one that feels this way, but I’m ready for someone other than Samnee now. I’m just not a fan and his art drops this book to a 4 from a 5 every time. If Waid wasn’t killing it with the story, I would be hard pressed to keep getting DD.

  21. This was THE best issue since the Snowblind issue. Hands down. Waid should be writing Superior Spiderman.

    • You must get once a month shipments like me. Usually by the time I get around to commenting on issues all I hear is crickets chirping around here. 😉

  22. Another fine issue from Waid. I wonder how long he will write Daredevil?

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