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• Nelson/Murdock no more! Foggy’s discovered a secret Matt’s been keeping–and he doesn’t take it well!

• And a last page shock that will have Daredevil fans buzzing!

• Series Stalwarts Mark Waid and Chris Samnee bring you a turning point in the lives of Marvel’s most famous legal team!

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Michael Allred
Colors by Laura Allred
Cover by Michael Allred

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.9%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Been looking forward to this one.

  2. Me too. This looks really good. Here is a preview…..

  3. no interest in this storyline, but Mike Allred art on DD makes it a must have,

  4. Super excited for Allred!

  5. He always does movement really well. Looking forward to some DD-ing!

  6. This should be fun. Ya know, despite the whole daddy’s-skull-in-a-drawer thing.

  7. Love Waid but I’m picking this up soley for the Allred artwork

  8. I just subscribed to this.

    Hope Waid and friends stay for a while.

  9. This is the only time the words ‘Exciting’ and ‘Stilt-Man’ are in the same sentence!

  10. This was good, but not one of the greatest of the run. A bit too talky. I’m usually not one to complain about more story but this one seemed to have conversations that were unnecessarily long.

  11. If Saga didn’t exist, this would’ve been my POTW. Loved it. I haven’t read any Allred since I devoured the X Statix trades years ago. It’s so vibrant. There’s nothing else like it anywhere out there.

    I really enjoyed the story too. It was a touchingly accurate bromance tale, and a smart choice by Waid to give us a bittersweet memory instead of one big argument. Great stuff.

  12. So I wonder when we’ll get a Daredevil Visionaries: Mark Waid hardcover. Holy crap. This is already my favorite series, and this was definitely a standout issue. I can’t think of a weak issue so far, but this one definitely stands apart.

  13. Liked it.. But not sure I loved it. The flashback seems somewhat out of place in the context of the greater story- I know it serves to remind Matt of his trials with Foggy in the past, but it just didn’t… work… for me- and it suffers for it, in my opinion. I love the story ITSELF, this would have been an amazing one shot or fill in, but it still stutters in the course of the overreaching story arc for me.

  14. Oh, and I do not remember a “last page shock.” Did you?

  15. Check out the interview with Allred about this issue on the “Don’t Miss” Podcast … really cool! Personally, I thought this was a great issue. Always like to see Allred’s art and I thought the flashback was a nice aside to the story and also brought in the current conflict with Matt’s dad (or what’s left of him) and Foggy in a touching way. POTW for me. I’m trade-waiting Saga 😉

  16. It’s too bad the Allreds couldn’t do more than one issue. Samnee is decent, but WOW, The Allreds are AWESOME!!! Just finishing up the X-Statix Omnibus and I just can’t get enough of their work! Might have to re-read Madman Gargantua to keep my Allred fever going. See you over in FF Team AWESOME!!!

  17. One of the best issues of Waid’s run so far, this was a fantastic issue. Allred’s art style suited the flashback story of Matt and Foggy perfectly. POTW easily.

  18. this was pretty terrible. worst issue of the series.
    Allred’s style…is not so good. all the hoopla surrounding him in this thread seems misplaced.
    the story was average at best until Matt saw the tape. that bumped it up to about a 2.7 rounded up to 3 stars.
    wish i skipped this issue.

  19. This was a good issue but I wasn’t really a fan of the whole issue being a flashback. But still 4 stars for me easy.

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