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  1. If this is anything close to as good as the last issue, I am going to be ecstatic. 

  2. word.

  3. Does the Kingpin have any Asian blood in him? In the last issue when hes sitting on the couch and teaching the kids Japanese, he doesn’t look caucasian in descent.

  4. How long has this current run been going? "RETURN OF THE KING continues!" <–how many issues do I need to pickup to be current with this?

  5. @jobob247: Return of the King started last issue.

  6. The last DD issue was really good.  I don’t like the idea of having an issue of Dare Devil without Dare Devil in it, but the story was so good I didn’t mind.  A Kingpin that is angry at the world can only lead to good things.

  7. Based only on how awesome #116 was, this is the book I’m most excited for this week.

  8. @Chocobavits He *WAS* in it. He just wasn’t the central character… …nor did he really have any dialogue or apprear in more than 1 page but… still.

    I wonder if the story will continue to take place from Fisk’s perspective, I’m assuming not, but I think it’d be neat-o.

  9. The last issue was pretty sweet, but there were no hobbits or walking trees =(

  10. Finally got my hands on a copy of 116– F’n phenomenal!!! Honestly I can’t remember a book that good since … Thor 600. But Seriously, not since Frank Millar has there been such riviting DD work. Am I wrong? Great character work and I can’t wait for next issue. Man I wish tomorrow was Wednesday. =(

  11. That last issue was absolutely perfect. This is going to be the first thing I read

  12. idk if im going to get this one. the prolgue was interesting but it didnt sell me enough to stop buying the trades

  13. Best comic book cover I’ve seen this year.  My hat is off to you Mr. Djurdjevic.

  14. I loved the last issue.  I cant wait for this.  Tomorrow is a good day. 

  15. I’m hoping my LCS still has #116 so i can jump on board.

  16. Anyone notice that the title page on this says "Return of the King Part One."  Not that it really bothers me, but honestly, how do you miss that?  It’s like 30pt font!

  17. Not that Michael Lark isn’t great, but, I sort of miss David Aja. Also, what happened with the Kingpin? Why did he go all soft? Last I remember he was fighting Spidey in a jail–that was like 2 years ago. What was the arc I missed? Anyone, Anyone…

  18. @jspegele– good eye. bad editing.

  19. I’m having a DD brainfart problem, I couldn’t remember who Perkins was for half the issue and, did I miss a part where Matt just openly allows people… private investigator people… to know that he’s Daredevil?

  20. His ID’s an open secret now; everybody basically knows it’s him, but the law avoids him.

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