It’s the big finale of CRIMINAL‘s most ground-breaking storyline yet! Riley Richards has committed crime after crime to get what he wants… Now what will he have to do to keep all the things he’s killed for? It’s a twisted look at crime, comics, nostalgia, and obsession… all in the award-winning CRIMINAL style.

And remember, every issue of CRIMINAL has articles and illustrations that are only available in the single printed single issues, making it the best bargain on the shelves!

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips with Val Staples on colors

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.6%


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  1. Already the end of this mini. If the end is as good as the other three issues, I will definitely pick up the trades of the Criminal series. What a joy to read!

  2. I’m thinking Riley will be going down hard here.

  3. dark horse for POTW? I think the comments on that one may take down the new ifanboy lol

  4. Holy crap this is easily my most anticipated book of the week. This has been f**king stupendous.

  5. This arc has rejuvenated my excitement for these books. I’m hoping the next arc of Incognito brings the same kind of awesomeness.

  6. what a great, great book.

  7. If any Marvel book has a chance at iFanboy pick of the week, it will be this one.

  8. Total POTW! Doy. I’m all lathered up for this like a transexual on San Quentin shower day!

  9. Loved the arc, liked the final twist… but the fourth issue was the weakest of the series I thought.

  10. Whenever you have an art style reminiscent of Archie done with sex and violence, you’re going to have a winner. Simple as that. POTW!

  11. This is my POTW. Such a sad ending

  12. Definitely an unexpected ending. I really look forward to what they do next.

  13. The manager of my LCS sold me on this series, so I picked up the back issues + this one. Read it all in one night – god damn it was good.

  14. Wow, Riley is an F’n dirtbag. What an awesome read.

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