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  1. Super Excited!

  2. I am jazzed that this is the top book from marvel this week, going by the ifanboy pulls anyway.  sweet!

  3. Once again, new storyline and characters for anyone who wants to jump on.

  4. The new story arc sounds GREAT. I love the interesting, complicated & flawed characters of this series so far, and by that synopsis, Jake sounds like he will be another good one to add to the growing list.

  5. Never read this book would now be a good time to pick it up?

  6. bgavino: Yes!

  7. I am so glad I’m caught up on the trades and now reading the issues.  I had no idea how thick this book is.  Great to see a letter’s page, and the articles are fantastic as well.  Loved this issue and can’t wait to see what happens to Jacob.

  8. This might be my favorite issue in the entire series so far.  Bru and Phillips are rolling

  9. my only problem wiht this book is i want the issues because i need to know whats happening and i want the trades to display on my shelf.

  10. @edward

    I buy both 😉 

  11. Yeah, this was a hell of an issue. I like the direction this arc is headed in. Reading this I realized how much better this was than anything else I picked up today. Easily my POW.

  12. Great issue as usual. For anyone wondering about this but hasn’t jumped on–Yes, pick it up. I haven’t read the first 4-5 issues of Vol 1, but I’ve had no trouble keeping up. All the stories seem connected but not dependent upon each other.

  13. As much as I look forward to reading the actual issue I also look forward to getting new DVDs from Netflix after reading the articles in the back.

  14. i hate my fucking store they didn’t even get enough copies to cover their standing orders

  15. I read it last night and was really dissapointed by the bland, boring story, bad characterization & poor uninspired artwork.

    Heheh I wrote that first sentence in Bizzaro world, by the way. =D I saved this book til last in my stack (going with the "saving the best til last" theory) and it was awesome as it always is. This book & Scalped are about the only two books I read that are garunteed to be good. Not a single bad issue since day one.

    My POW, by a mile.

  16. @WadeWilson: I agree… Scalped and Criminal are just amazing.  Creator-owned books are the way to go these days.

     Loved this issue.  It’s got my two favorite things in Criminal: dames and Kafka.

  17. Wow, did not think this was going to be the user’s POTW (ifanboy’s new feature). I mean I know the series kicks ass, but I didnt think it was the majority best. Shame it’s hard to find any trades for this, cant even find early issues for it…

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