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You know how Jason Bourne got his ass kicked all over the globe and then came home to do the ass kickin’? Well CNV#3 is exactly like that only with Cowboy Ninja Viking… and an Amish dude.

art & cover RILEY ROSSMO

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  1. 3 of 4? I thought this was turned into an ongoing.

  2. Damn lcs never has this in… can’t wait for trade looks amazing.

  3. ya same

  4. @PeterParker18102 – I think it is going to be an ongoing, they just didn’t know it when they first came up with the series.

  5. It was changed to an ongoing after this issue was solicited, hence the outdated numbering. I believe they aded an issue to the initial story arc, and will be taking a month or two off between arcs. Can’t wait to get this, but I might be switching to trades depnding how I feel after this first arc wraps up.

  6. @rusty thanks I bet the trades will be beautiful!

  7. It’s an ongoing.  The solicit is old.  This issue was freakin’ awesome.

  8. I really like this series, but I’m afraid it may have been best if it stayed a mini.

  9. For some reason I really want to like this but I found the 1st 2 issues nothing but incomprehensible nonsense :/

  10. @400 i sort of agree – since they are doing fixed story arcs with a short break I am hoping that we can keep getting cool stuff 10 or 12 issues into the series

  11. Meh. Just an ok issue

  12. i really like this series and it’s concept, but sometimes i have a hard time decerning what’s going on. it’s combination of the sometimes-too-sketchy art and the unclear dialogue that kills it for me, but usually after a few panels i figure it out. still liking it, but i’d like it more if it were a little clearer

  13. I enjoy the comedy and the interactions between personailities, but unless the end of this arc is killer… I’m out.

  14. I missed out on this due to LCS never carrying it. Should I pick this up in trade?

  15. Hmm, didn’t particularly like this issue apart from the last few pages.  Up until then I found it pretty incomprehensible.  Am considering dropping it but I guess I might as well wait around to the end of this arc now and see how it turns out.

  16. What is working for me is the constant introduction of new and even crazier triplets. That is not going to work forever. If the on-going is going to work they need to find othre sources of madness. I’m in for now.

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