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  1. hopefully after two fairly good issues this one won’t slip in quality, again.

  2. We’re in the final stretch…

  3. I like the cover on this.  Does it mean she’s turning back into Black Mary?

  4. Awesome cover!

  5. ya, that’s a great picture of mary’s breast’s’s’s’s’s

  6. Does anyone even care anymore? Mary’s change was pretty badly contrived. oh, who cares.

  7. I can’t believe we struggled through 40+ issues watching Mary overcome her dark influence, only to have it back again in the blink of an eye.  Didn’t we already tell this story?

    Disappointed doesn’t begin to tell how I feel.  With three issues left, we should be getting jazzed for the ending.  This issue dashed all hopes of that actually happening.  Maybe next issue we can have Piper get handcuffed to Mirror Master…that would be great!!

  8. Well……this has turned out to be a crap sandwich. 

  9. Just when i thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. This had the most hideous art I’ve ever seen in a DC book. They should be ashamed. 

  10. You people are nuts.  This issues was great and Jamal Igle’s art was excellent.

  11. @TomO Much agreed.  I feel if they cut shorter the Ray Palmer story they could have done a longer thread with Darkseid  convincing Mary to take the Eclipso power. We would have better understood why she took it in the first place and maybe sympathized.

    Also, if they would have gone with the direction of 5 and 

    At least Cliff Chiang did the back up Ra’s Al Ghul story.

  12. @conor: "Great art is in the eye of the beholder."

    and this beholder says, "blecch!"  

  13. I thought that the art mediocore.  The problem is the story, which has been a gigantic waste of time.  The great diaster was rat people and a dog with a knife.  Mary Marvel’s change of mind about eclipso’s power was as AlexG said contrived and the scene with Darkseid waiting on Mary Marvel’s couch for her was hilariously stupid.  How long was he waiting there for her?  What is even sadder for Darkseid is that he could have boom tubed in when she was about to enter the door and then rushed to sit down to make it seem like he was waiting for her.  How patheic is that.  All I have left to say is Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  14. "I can’t believe we struggled through 40+ issues watching Mary overcome her dark influence, only to have it back again in the blink of an eye.  Didn’t we already tell this story?"

    I agree.  My main issue with Countdown is that we’ve not really gotten to know the characters on the level that we got to know them in 52.  Think about it, we’ve had what would have been four years worth of time in another comic with Mary Marvel and yet she’s really not been developed beyond that she wants power.  The early character development that it seemed like we’d get was pushed aside to rush through a plot.

    Having said that I feel that now that everything is a little more focused on the main group of heroes that have come together.

  15. The art was wonderful; when did Jamal Igle start channelling Kevin Maguire? The Mary Marvel stuff was just insulting to the reader.

  16. I liked the art too, but boy this comic has just been spinning its wheels forever.  I’m enjoying it because I’m a DC whore and I like the characters in and of themselves, but it really seems like they are making it up as they are going along.

  17. @NJBaritone I agree with you completely.  I’ve just been enjoying the run because of the DC universe but the wheels have been spinning for a while.  They got greedy and broke up the story into more books than it needed. Keep the whole story in one book!!!

  18. Dook

  19. The art in this issue was terribly uneven, once again.  The page of Mary Marvel in her street clothes walking through her apartment looked awkward, and all of the art of Darkseid looked stiff and reminded me of South Park animation.  The story was better this week if only because they finally got away from the terribly boring journal style (it’s amazing how telling the whole story through journal entries can drain the excitement from a story).  I hope that we discover that Mary Marvel has been manipulated (mind controlled) throughout this story, otherwise she seems terribly un-heroic.  And as a reader of the entire series, why did DC invest so many issues to the story of Mary’s descent followed by her redemption, only to have it all undone in three panels, four issues from the end?  This seems like really bad service to the fans, as well as bad service to the character.  Conor, exactly what was great about this issue?

  20. i liked this issue, but was that Darkseid REALLY on Earth.  In a recent Wizard interview i read Grant Morrison saying how Darkseid has never really come to earth, but that was going to happen in Final Crisis.  If this was big D on Earth, then it looks like editorial didn’t inform Grant.  But maybe this isn’t our Earth.  Who knows anymore.  We have 3 issues to go, and its good enough for me to be anxious to read it each week.

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