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  1. In this issue Mary MAr…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I like this book because it comes out weekly.  But I think they kind of forced all the characters to come together.  52 did a good job of bringing it all together and maybe they can pull that off here.  But so far…only buying it because its weekly.

    And what was the poing of the Trickster, Pied Piper Storyline.  I haven’t read this issue yet but it claims to be the last Pied Piper issue.  So baring any miracle, they basically took two reformed villians (which made them much more interesting…especially Trickster), and destoryed them physically and emotionally.  Originally pegged as the Buddy Comedy, it seemed more like gay bashing on the run.

     But I’m still going to buy this and the next weekly they put out…because I’m a sucker for DC characters (especially those that don’t get much attention)

  3. Loved this week’s issue.  Everything came together nicely and we’re left with a truly scary super power in the DCU.  Oh, did I mention Bruce "I am god to Luthor" Timm’s art on the two page back up?  Good stuff!

  4. Not bad.  I liked the parts with Harley and Holly.  I had no clue what was going on with Piper.  And OMAC’s just aren’t interesting.

  5. Ok, I’ve been reading this since #52 so bear with me. what is OMAC, is he brother eye? I’ve been really confused the past few weeks. HELP ME!!!!!!!

  6. I agree that Omacs are dull dull dull, DC really are flogging a dead horse with this bunch. They speak robot, therefore they are boring. No emotion, just assimilation – spare me. And Karate Kid belongs in the 31st century – unless DC bring in the divine Diamondeth.

    Apart from that, I enjoyed this book – Mary Marvel is forgiven by gods (why should they care if she’s killed the odd fella along the way?), Harley and Holly get upgrades, the Challengers of the Bollocks (thank you, Quiet Panelologists at Work) show up, the god killer is around, Jimmy Olsen and the Dog-Faced Girl are happily absent, Red Robin is a twat as ever and Piper struggles with his morality . . . a fun roller coaster indeed, with great art by Keith Giffen (story consultant my arse, look at those lips on page 3!) and Scott Kolins, and a decent script from Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

    Plus, a wondrous cover by Stephane Roux and Karine Boccanfuso.

    The back-up was cute but I find these things totally disposable – I’d rather have more story, especially now said story is actually readable. 

  7. I have been reading Countdown since the beginning, and I am glad that everything is finally coming together and the story is wrapping up. I can’t wait for FINAL CRISIS!

  8. lets be honest this is an average series and the only reason why we buy it is because it is a weekly that is building to final crisis. If this was a monthly we would probably all drop it.

  9. I am so tired of Brother Eye’s way of speach. You would think that a A.I. would know the right spelling of the wokd "I". It’s one letter for Pete’s sake.

  10. @tdog: Agreed. I had dropped it at around issue 25, right before it actually became good. That had been kind of unfortunate, so I’m glad that it’s weekly.

  11. Yah, I think I could use an OMAC refresher.  I know they were created by Batman, but I missed their whole origin.

    I fully agree with tdog.  At least now it feels like things are actually going somewhere, as opposed to the last few months when we were just planet jumping looking for Ray Palmer…that all HAS to pay off more later….right?? 

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