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  1. I don’t care what anyone says I enjoy both stories in this book a lot and can’t wait to see how both of them end.

  2. Agreed.  Although I do enjoy the first half a little better because Animal Man is awesome.  I always hope in this books that somehow the two stories will magically come together in a senseable way.  But I guess that might ruin the individual story lines. 

    I also love the art for this. 

  3. Seriously, give Beechen on ongoing Animal Man or Adam Strange title, and I will buy it and convince others to do likewise.

    The Forerunner story started off awful, but it has gotten better.  Yet given the choice, I’d rather just by the Beechen stuff.

  4. @Josh – Damn your logic.  I don’t need anymore books let alone the excitement of possibilities.  It really does seem like he should be writing one of those books… aw man now I want them.

  5. @Josh – GREAT IDEA!


     I like both stories right now, but in the beginning, I was loving the Animal Man storyline.  I would LOVE to see a new Animal Man book with Beechen and keep the art team.  This book, say what you will about the story at times, it looks great!

  6. Okay for a series that initially didn’t thrill me too much, and then grabbed me real hard waiting for each issue, it was very disappointing with regards to the endings.

    They both seemed forced and flat.

    Makes me glad I was reading a friends copy, and will be reconsidering the trade…….

  7. Just the potential with Animal Man’s new powers makes me want to continue this story.  Also loved the subtle Wizard of Oz references.

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