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Declan Thomas steps into other men’s insanity, fighting the horrific creatures lurking there. But a demonic presence hiding in the real world feeds on madness. And he’s coming for Declan.

* From the creative team behind the Falling Skies comic!

* A new horror comic in the vein of Locke & Key and Preacher.

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Jaun Ferreyra
Cover Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


Xtianhardy12/06/12NoRead Review


  1. I can’t actually believe this has so few pulls and no comments.

    #1 was AMAZING!

    • Not enough happened in Issue #1, so it left little reason to get issue #2.

      Was this issue really that good? It just didn’t seem worth another $3.99, especially when I already had quite a few other pulls this week.

    • Seriously?? Not enough happened? Wow. Wow wow wow. There was so much mystery, so unlike anything else I’ve read, and Nimble Jack is a fantastic character. It’s one of the best comics I’ve read recently right up there with the best new Image titles like Revival. Sadly, if this was an Image book it probably would be getting a lot more ‘hype’.

    • There was a creepy ‘ invisible friend,’ there was a lady detective and she had a roommate with blue skin.

      None of the promised story line ( which sounded incredibly interesting!) was developed.

      Please inform me what ground breaking plot point I missed. The blue guy saying ‘I need to talk to you’ was hardly a cliff hanger that drew me in.

      Not saying my opinion is more valid, but not enough happened for me to spend another $3.99.

  2. I think it’s just another case of the short attention span of comic book readers used to reading superhero comics with big “dun dun dun” moments at the end of every issue.

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