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Johnny is introduced to his maniacal new partner on the Shotgun City police force, and experiences a vicious foretaste of what’s in store for him. Meanwhile, a new mob of villains rear their ugly head, suggesting Hunt Cassidy’s clutch on the city is tighter – and deadlier – than first thought…

story BEN McCOOL

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  1. I feel like "Choker" is filling my "Fell" fix.

    Could it be that Templesmith is so good and so distictive that every project he takes on gets the same feel? It would be interesting to see if he ever does a traditional, established comic character …

  2. When Kirkman took over at Image, I vaguely remember him saying something about trying to get FELL going again. Get to work, slacker!

  3. The hold up with FELL was with Ellis. He lost the script. Last I heard, the new script had been sent to Templesmith a few weeks ago.

  4. i loved the first one but with the price so high it will be bought in trade!

  5. Trade waiting on this. The firsrt issue was great i’m just broke…:(

  6. @deadspace: Having talked to Templesmith about this on Friday I can tell you that no such script exists and that there is no more FELL anywhere on the horizon.

  7. @conor weird cos they tweeted about it, and from Ellis himself: "FELL 10: on pause — still trying to reconstruct scripts from lost computer. Gave up trying to reconstitute lost work, have commenced a new story for #10. Ben has the first six or seven pages of #10 in hand now."

  8. @deadspace: Definitely weird.

  9. @Conner: Templesmith said on his Word Balloon episode that Ellis has sent him a few pages of a new script and that they are hoping to one day produce more.  Here’s hoping that it becomes reality.

  10. Cash crunch and the vampire stuff feeling tacked on  in the last issue have me waiting on this one

  11. This isn’t living up to the preview in Liberty City #2 yet for me.

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