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Introducing Poyo! In the cockfighting ring, Poyo is almost impossible to defeat. This makes Poyo’s owners very, very rich. It also has a habit of making Poyo’s owners very, very dead. Guess who gets assigned to track down Poyo, and the murderers who have stolen him?

art/cover ROB GUILLORY

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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This is easily the funniest cover for the series so far. I love it.

  2. I’d say that this is my favorite comic coming out right now, but I can never remember what happened in the previous issue.  All I remember about last month is the last two pages.

  3. I think I’m going to start buying the whole arc before reading the issues. With the discount my store owner gives me it should be cheaper than the trade.

  4. Continual enjoyment.  One of my favorite books now.  It took a while to get as warmed up to it as most of you, but I really love this now, especially due to the last few issues.  Absolutely love this comic.

  5. I hated the first issue, but then my friend bought the trade and lend it to me saying that I was going to love issues 4 and 5 and he was right so I hunted down all the issues. Now i’m up to date and I’m in love with Guillory’s art. The story’s kinda cool, but the art’s what really’s doing it for me.

  6. I’m enjoying this series a lot. It’s fun and different and it doesn’t have that air of "Trying to hard to be different" that similar concept books feel. Also, gotta love a book with a character named King Cock.

  7. I think PraxJarvin is right on- it’s fun and quirky, but not in a "hey look at me, aren’t I fun and quirky" kinda way. I would imagine that is a hard thing for a writer to pull off, but Layman does it.

  8. Heh King of Cock.

    I hope we get more answered on the…..Twilight like creature we saw last issue.

  9. I would like to thank the ifanboys for getting me into this series. It’s soo awesome

  10. @TheNextChampion:

    I personally hate Twilight. Just to set your mind at ease on where this is going.

  11. Yeah, I defintely have the iFanboy to thank for getting me into this.

  12. @robguillory-Can we get a poster in one of the panels that reads "Twilight sucks"? Pretty please.

  13. @robguillory: I second with Miguel. But if it does turn into something like Twilight then that would be a huge left turn.

  14. Fun, violent, and imaginative is the best three words to describe this series.

    Another great issue by this team.

  15. Really good issue, but it felt flat to me. 4/5. Can’t really say much beyond that, it’s just a good, solid read.

  16. @Prax

    Same. Lacked the pop that Chew usually has.  

  17. Loved this issue – this is my comic of the week for sure

  18. @BrikHed-Go back to the Image boards! Oh wait…you can’t cuz they be broken. 🙁

    Solid issue, but not my favorite in the series. I want more Poyo. And I love that "I framed O.J." was written in the jail cell. Little tidbits like that provide some of the biggest laughs for me.

  19. I love seeing lost references in my comics.

  20. @rockingeek Too Much Information.

  21. Art and easter eggs in this one are great as usual!  The writing felt average compared to the last arc.

  22. I thought this issue was particularly hilarious. And the art (which was awesome at the beginning) is only getting better.

  23. @PraxJarvin- It seem so, they deleted my comment. Awesome, my first deleted comment.

  24. @rockingeek Oh, I’m sorry. I was just joshin’ you, wasn’t actually offended. 😉

  25. @rockingeek welcome to my world;)

  26. This book is quickly becoming one I get really excited for every month. Just light hearted enough, just fucked up enough, keeps me interested.

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