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  1. Yes please.

  2. I’ve really started to love this comic each issue.  It’s uniqueness is what draws me, as I’m sure is the case with many others.

  3. Big test for this series. Can it keep a good pace going now that we have a general idea where the story is gonna go?

    I have no worries though, this should be good.

  4. Picking this issue up along with the trade. Should be good.

  5. Oh nice, his partner is not dead!

  6. @Prax-If you don’t enjoy it, I will hate you.

  7. Probably my last issue.  I wish I could join in all the praise, but its just not for me

  8. @TNC

    I don’t think anyone has a general idea of where it’s going to go, dude. 

  9. @AmirCat

    One of the issues (I think the second one) had a scene with Tony sitting with his partner in the hospital

  10. @miyamoto – I meant that I haven’t really enjoyed the first 5 issues all that much.  Just too wacky for me I guess

  11. @cutty:  I got to ask, WHY buy # 6?

  12. Because of the overwhelming praise, and because of the art.  I could use another original title – maybe something will click

  13. @Cutty: Don’t worry. i totally get what you mean

  14. I’m considering going to trades on this, not because I don’t like it but I’m thinking it might read better that way. Really not sure though.

  15. @miyamoto: I just mean that, can this series keep this pace going now that we have the first arc done?

  16. @TNC

    Why not?

  17. @Slockhart – oh right he was in the hospital and was telling him how he liked the girl who had the same power as he does. I forgot about that. I need to go back and read it.

  18. "inexplicably well-received". good one!

  19. @miyamoto: I’m just curious if it can! There has been countless time a new series comes around, have the first arc be amazing, and then it crashes/burns the rest of the run.

    I’m not saying it will happen with this title, I’m just hoping it doesn’t. I want this series to stay perfect in the worst way.

  20. @TNC Example?

  21. This was really close to my POTW, but another comic was a bit more ‘brilliant’ when it came to the art.

    That isn’t downplaying this particular issue mind you. Everything about this was perfect in almost every way. I guess I dont have to worry about this series dropping off in quality any time soon. Thank god for my LCS getting the first two issues beforehand. Otherwise I wouldn’t have got who this ‘Colbot’ guy is.

  22. I read the summaries of the last arc, is it fair to say i shouldn’t pick up the trade and just jump here?

  23. The trade is only $10, pick it up fool.  But if you can’t, then yeah you could pick up this issue and be fine.

  24. @drakedangerz: maybe when I have extra money I’ll get it.I’m just a student, I don’t have much money. I don’t even buy Blackest NIght.

     I spoiled it myself by knowing the twist already.


  25. Sure. Go for it. Jump  right in and get the trade later. It’s still worth it. Ther eis so much more than just the twist.

  26. @NathanNicdao-Being a student and having a hobby is tough.  Hang in there. But certain pick this issue up.  It’s totally accessible and, while not as good as the other issues, this was certain a damn strong issue.

  27. Great, humorous issue.  I’m really digging the parter and his robot half-face.  The art is awesome.

  28. @drakedangrez: this is my religion. I commute during my vacant periods to buy ’em. haha.

  29. Get the Chew trade first, I say. You can scrounge $10 up.

  30. You don’t need to buy the first trade. Save that money for pot and doritos. The first trade was good, but not as good as doritos after smoking a bunch of weed.

  31. AHAHA. I’ve never tried weed. I’m more of a heroin type of guy.

    I’m kiddin.

  32. I love where the new arc is going. Colby coming back is great. He’s a great character and has an interesting dynamic with Tony. Some elements of issue 4 didn’t sit too well with me and seemed way off track but overall this series is rockin and looks to get even better. Only Superman Secret Origin better this week, Blackest night right behind.

  33. I wasn’t totally in love with this issue. I still gave it a 5/5. I think CHEW might be a series that reads better monthly than all at once, for me. I read through 1-6 (::adopts Wil Arnett voice.:: Thanks, Trade!) and I really loved it all, but at the end of 6 issues I had the distinct feeling of "I can wait a month between the next part." Really a great title. Probably my favorite indie book. Glad I got onboard.

  34. I just cant get into this book at all. The premise doesnt interest me or the storyline.

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