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-I like it how this ‘start’ of an arc really isn’t one. The opening page and the last page sets us up for the new arc. But all of this was just showing us the ‘new’ partner for Chu. John Colby is an interesting character, not just because he looks like a bad Terminator. He’s clearly a dirty cop but he definitely knows how to get the job done. Anything that came out of his mouth was either funny or stereotypical for a bad cop. I have to imagine that Layman wanted to throw everything funny that is working with a bad cop. But he also makes the character more interesting because he’s also a cyborg. That moment with him processing the information in the bar, that was priceless.

-Great jokes in this, even though a lot of them weren’t slapstick or obvious. Sure you have that wonderful page of the pile of shit….But there’s more to this book then just ‘easy’ jokes. I love the stuff with Colbot and the random cop, or Colbot and D-Bear. Actually I just realized there is a urine joke with the latter….Okay there are some easy jokes in this (lol). But what also keeps the jokes funny and the story interesting is the art.

-I will be surprised if Rob Guillory doesn’t get more work because of this series. There is so much going on in every panel it’s amazing. I love the unique perspectives he offers in every issue as well. Stuff like the characters on the camera lense, or the two page layout to show the….urine….is just something you won’t see in other comics. But I love other little touches like showing tiny images to point something out, or to express a character’s emotion. That by the way, Guillory can make anything look funny with the characters. Chu freaks out a couple of times in this and it makes me laugh every time. Especially the scene with the 3D screens at the bar.



I was a little worried about this issue. The first arc was amazing but there are always times when a comic has a great first arc, and it takes a huge nosedive. This issue in particular shows just how perfect this series will continue to be. There is no other comic series like it and it shows how imagination has not died yet with comic book writers.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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