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CHEW #27

‘Space Cakes,’ Part Two

Delivered from future!

We jump ahead and show you exactly where Tony Chu is nine issues and two story arcs from now. Yes, CHEW presents its version of ‘One Year Later.’

A brilliant jumping on-point, or a pathetic cry for attention? You decide!

Also: those frickin’ chogs return!

art & cover ROB GUILLORY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.3%


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  1. Just so people aren’t confused. #27 is NOT a typo.

    Layman told me about this at Emerald City. The just in issues is on purpose, meant as a flash-forward of where the story will be down the line.

    He also said that it will not be in this order in the collected editions. Instead it will come after issue 27. So trade waiters, you guys aren’t going to see this one for a while.

  2. Time in and Time out these guys innovate the comic medium. Awesome … future comic book writers (have aspirations) … you might want to try being an editor first to become an amazing writer.

  3. Oh that crazy Layman, what will he do next.

  4. Very……weird.

    I’m excited for it, but let’s see how its gonna play out when we’re already in the middle of a story. 

  5. Oh so they’re really doing this huh?

  6. I was like “jeeze has Chew been around THAT long?” lol

  7. Everything they’ve tried has been brilliant and a home run.  I expect nothing less from this.  This book amazes me every month.  It’s one of few that are entirely worth the cover price.

  8. I remember when Spawn skipped a few issues many years back..that still doesn’t make any sense.  At least this is on purpose.  This should be interesting but it’s gonna be a tight rope to not have this come off as gimmicky. But Chew has never let me down yet, so I trust Layman and Guillory will knock it out of the park.

  9. Yeah, can’t wait to see how they handle this. These boys have been the masters of re-inventing page layout conventions; wonder what they’ll do with … issue layout(?). I just hope there’s some cool context & reasoning to this. We’ll see tomorrow.

  10. Basically the most fun comic out there at the moment in my opinion, right down to the little details of the posters on the wall and such. Or like the toe-tag on the corpse in a recent [maybe the last] issue saying “J. Storm”.

    Innovative is right!

  11. Punching myself for reading this in trades. i may just buy this, just because.

  12. PotW.  It’s the best series I’m reading right now.  My friends who don’t read comics ask me what happened each month just for the laughs.

  13. NOTE TO FUTURE SELF: Don’t accidentally re-buy this in February.

  14. Mine had an ad in the back for both an IDW Godzilla book and a Marvel Annual crossover, I don’t remember seeing ads for other publishers before, is that new?

  15. Note to self:  buy more cheese puff’s

  16. This was great, I think the art hit new heights in this issue.  Along with Scalped and Ultimate Spiderman this it’s been consistently the best comic over the past year.  What are they going to do after issue 26 though?  It’s going to be pretty annoying for anyone who jumps on after this if they suddenly skip an issue!

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