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  1. Pawn 502 is probably my favorite Checkmate story, I’m incredibly excited to see what Kobra’s been up to. And my gosh, I couldn’t be more psyched to see who the rooks are (issue #25 can’t come soon enough)

  2. I totally forgot about the storyline with pawn 502. It’s been so long.

  3. I love this title.  I never ever thought I would.  Rucka has such a firm grasp on this book, I hope he doesn’t leave it for a good long while.

    Everyone should buy this book! 

  4. Wow. Imagine if the iFanbase was an accurate gauge for the success of this book!

  5. @PhantomPhrenemy:  The may solicitations list checkmate #26 as being written by Bruce Jones.  Not sure if that means Rucka is gone.  I know he said due to the non-exclusive stuff he was leaving a book that would upset a lot of people.  Hoping its not this….

  6.  Straight from the horse’s mouth (Rucka’s blog), his last issue will be #25. 🙁

    Bruce Jones!?!? Talk about killing a book fast.

  7. Haha…you mean OMAC wasn’t your favorite Brave New World spin-off?!!

  8. Huh…will I read this book after Rucka leaves? Doubtful…


  9. I wasn’t crazy crazy about the art but loved the story and Superman is always best when he’s used this way. Can’t wait for the Wonder Woman guest appearance. Is Batman next? They already used him once.

  10. One of the best issues in a while…sadly, I’m gone when Rucka;s gone.

  11. I missed the early issues of Checkmate so I’m going to assume from the comments that this is why I was a little lost (and disinterested) with the story in this one.  I enjoyed the arc right before this one so I’m hoping to change my mind on this story before it ends.  Totally will miss this book when Rucka leaves.

  12. WOW! I finally got a chance to check this issue out. SO AWESOME, normally I can’t stan superman, but they way he played out in this issue was FANTASTIC. The artist on this book drew Superman a little big especially on the page splash, but besides that this issue was incredibly good.

    Glad castellan was in this issue a bit more, I loved the one shot they did with him, and its too bad rucka is leaving this book, but man the next two issues are going to be killer I bet!


    Forget the question, do this book!!!!

  13. I got this issue because so many people tell me I should read this book.  I must say even though I’m confused as hell it was a fantastic issue and I can’t wait to read more.

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