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The end of the Marvel Universe is night! As the penultimate step in the destruction of all creation, the Chaos King’s annihilating army of slave gods — including an undead (and angry) Ares, God War — takes on every divine pantheon on this mudball called Earth! Can Thor, All father Hercules and the God Squad rally Earth’s feuding gods to beat back their common enemy and save existence itself? Or will a shocking betrayal pave the way for the triumph of chaos and darkness?

Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente
Art by Khoi Pham
Cover by Bryan Hitch

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Is this bi-weekly or something?

  2. I’ve been loving this event.

  3. @Minion: I think it will be monthly for the next two issues. In fact, if the solicts are right, the final issue won’t come out till January… yeah it must be monthly after this.

    Last issue was such a huge improvement from the first. The story got darker, the team assembled seems interesting, and the art by Pham continues to delight. Looking forward to this. 

  4. loving this  mini-event can’t wait to see how the story develops and read the cross-overs that go along with this kick-ass event

  5. mmmm brian hitch cover mmmmm

  6. Bryan.

  7. This is easily the best work that Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Khoi Pham have every done.

    I loved this issue from the moment I opened it and it kept getting better and better. The shit has hit the fan and I liked it how much in trouble the GOD SQUAD are in. Also that final splash page sequence towards the end really showed some of Pham’s best work ever. Seriously, I want Pak/Lente/Pham to do events for Marvel from now on.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  8. Wow, impressed by this, has it been this good all this time?  Apparently not, and seemed like Khoi’s art was better on this issue than the first two, but might get those now based on the strength of this one.

    Really liked the script here, all the regal god talk goin on.  "Little thunderer…meet you master."  "Little gods…return to your deaths…"  Some classic stuff.

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