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• The secret origin of Selina Kyle!

• Major shocks are in store for Catwoman this year – and this is just the beginning!

Written by: Ann Nocenti
Art by Adriana Melo
Cover by Guillem March

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  1. I’ve really started liking this series. Looking forward to more crazy fun!

  2. Gonna see if Nocenti is gonna be good to this good, i’ve been really liking this series and I don’t wanna drop it.

    • *book

    • I”ve been enjoying this whole Catwoman series so far..first 12 issues were fantastic.
      What i am afraid of is it is Ann Nocenti ( since i got back into comics after a 16 year hiatus ) all i been hearing on iFanboy is how bad she writes…
      once i found out that she would be taking over this title, i started collecting Green Arrow to find out her stye,
      hopefully i shouldn’t be too worried that out of the current run by her on GA, my favorite was by Judd Winick( I just really dig his writing style) Zero issue,

  3. Hey, what happened to that OTHER cover…? 😉

  4. I hope this transition goes smoothly, though for me it’ll be tough to top the previous team. And I haven’t always dug Nocenti’s work. Shall see.

  5. I liked this series a lot. Kinda surprised DC has toned it down as much as they did though. I thought the first 3 or 4 issues were really great.
    Still amazed all the fan boy whining *omg you can’t have catwoman bang batman in a comic* made DC water down this series as much as they have.

    • toned it down?
      wow in my opinion the last chapter with Dollhouse, while it wasn’t as sexual, it was most definetly ramped up in a more disturbing manner.
      But as a whole the first 12 issues will be VERY hard to top. It has made me look forward to Catwoman every month, a must have title…
      (PS does anyone know what title or if anything Guillem March is gonna be doing? It seems to me he is no longer doing Catwoman, i hope im wrong, but doubt it.)

    • @emac: March is going to be the artist on TALON.

  6. Looking forward to this. It will be interesting to see how the new writer is.

  7. Absolutely loved Winnick and March’s run. Even enjoyed Melo as a fill in.

    Regarding the writing: Hoping for the best. Expecting the worst. Want to be wrong.

    • I enjoyed Melo also…but missing March, He Drew a great Catwoman

    • I can’t follow the writing style, the story bonces so much and the characters all look the same. This is my last issue of the cat, I only read it because of the Winnick & March run, now that she left Green Arrow I can go back to it.

  8. From the preview, this seems very… earnest, and melodramatic I guess. And the secretary origin a la Batman Returns doesn’t do a lot for me. That said, this issue seems like a stopgap, 13 is when I’ll really start getting a feel for if I’ll dig the new direction or not.

  9. I think Winick’s run got better as it went along. So I’m a little bummed about the new writer. I dropped this from my pull – but I will check it out on the racks. It’s a big maybe for me.

  10. Ann is writing this issue? I thought it was next issue. Looks like I am done at issue #0 instead of #13. Thank you Catwoman for many of fun stories over the years, but I refuse to read anything by Ann Nocenti.

  11. I hope everyone’s wrong about the new writer. I’ve only recently got back into comics after about 20 years and have been loving this book. It seems that some people are really critical of comics even though they say there fans. I hope it’s just fanboy hype.

    • Unfortunately it was not fanboy hype. I agree with the others it just didn’t feel right. The last year was awesome and I’ll still buy issue 13 and hope for the best but I have a feeling I’ll be dropping it after that.

  12. Wow. I thought a female writer on a strong female character would be a good thing. This book……was not a good thing. Cheesy, chunky dialogue, silly plot twists, and too much angst. Not even going to try #13. Very sad, I loved the prior 12 issues of this title.

  13. This feels … wrong.

  14. Dear Dan Dido, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns,

    Please fix this. NOW.

    god this was a steaming pile of shit. and thats me sugar coating it. Nocenti doesn’t have a clue.

  15. Well, gotta say, this was my favorite series of the new 52, Catwoman is one of my favs. And this is easily one of the worst comics I’ve ever read, just wrote a review.

    Everything that could go wrong went wrong, her character has been destroyed. And it’s going to be an ongoing plot for at least the next issue.

    That said I’m still gonna hold out hope anyway that Ann Nocenti can get past this terribly weak characterization and attempt to just write Catwoman sometime, so I’ll stick aroun for a few more.

  16. Wow, I’m so excited to read this now, Lol.

  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I haven’t read this yet but… I’m not filled with optimism at this moment. Is March still doing all the covers? I’ll buy it for that…..

  18. Well, that was . . . mixed? I kinda like some of the tinkering with the origin, such as putting Selina in this young thieves Fagin like environment. I don’t like the implication at the end that her “whole past is a lie” or some sort of secret conspiracy. Huh? Can’t she just be a struggling young woman who pulled herself up the best way she could? Why all the mystery? Sigh.

    Oh and the mystical cat experience worked for me in the Burton film, as it wasn’t canon, but here it simply seems derivative and misplaced . . .

    My main compliant, though, is the actual writing of Selina. Way too whining and weak-spirited. Even when she finally lashes out it feels more like a temper tantrum than the moves of a studied professional. I may have dropped Winick’s run after two issues due to budget and mixed feelings, but at least his Selina was strong and confident. This one is simply . . . sigh. It’s a shame, as I really would love to be buying a strong Catwoman book . . .

    So, now that I think of it, this issue was just poor. I probably won’t give it another chance on this writer, unless I hear something stellar.

  19. The worst comic I’ve read since the Sentry funeral. Agree with all the criticism posted on the thread.

    I must return to the horrible decision made by DC to drop Winnick and add Nocenti. It seems from all the comments posted over the past months that Winnick had created a whole new legion of Catwoman fans. People were truly enjoying this title. Sales were good.

    Now, all the positive momentum and good feelings are destroyed. Horrific business decision DC!

  20. OK, that’s a fair point, Conor. How about the questionable selection of the writer and her decision to pursue a clean slate?

  21. For the first time since I started reading comics I’m not going to be picking up a catwoman book…. I’m pretty bummed.

  22. Well, after reading this thread I went in thinking this was going to be horrible. And personally I didn’t think it was bad. Maybe I just had my hopes set so low, I don’t know. I enjoyed it though.

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