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  1. Yay! More CB&MI13 sans skrulls. Yay!

  2. OMG! A comic set in Birmingham with Captain Midlands?? The guys at work fell about laughing when I told ’em about this issue. I dunno, I guess that for us Brits, our comic book superheroes always seem more plausible when set in the US, not in our own backyard.  ;o)

  3. @Garrett-tell me about it.  Picking up Uncanny X-men and seeing Angel flying off the Golden Gate bridge doesn’t exactly resonate the same way with me as it does when he flys around NYC.

     I am really excited about this issue.  Lets hope for more Blade stabbing and some Wisdom humor!

  4. Cap B & MI 13 has yet to dissapoint. I can’t wait to grab this.

  5. I’m still a little skeptical about having Blade join the group.  But I’ll hold out since the rest of the book is such a great read.

  6. Dropping. It just doesn’t grab me=(.

  7. Loved the last issue. My first issue cause I wanted to see how this series does without SI helping it. It is worth your time and money people, one of the best series Marvel is offering right now.

    And Blade is in it….Who Knew?

  8. Glad to see Leonard Kirk back on pencilling duties

  9. I’m dropping unfortunately. It’s a purely financial consideration. I have to trim the pull list and this is is getting the axe.

  10. Picked this up after seeing Kirk’s art on the first issue, and have loved it ever since

  11. I think that last issue was my favorite so far.  This series gets better issue by issue.

  12. Wow, more pulls for this than for Astonishing X-men? That’s encouraging. 

  13. This title was a bit confusing at first, bouncing here and there and everywhere.  But a solid read nonetheless.  I love the spoon collecting line.  Paul Cornell is quickly becoming the best when it comes to witty banter.  Anyone else notice the goof with Spitfire’s arm?

  14. This is the first book by Cornell that I have read. her is quickly becoming a fave of mine.

  15. I’d sell my soul for that cheeseburger and babes fantasy too.

  16. Blade – boring

    Captain Midlands – awesome!

  17. Ooh, I loved this issue – such pretty colours!

  18. Something was off with this issue for me.  I did’nt enjoy it as much as previous issues.

  19. This was a really strong issue. And god knows that cliffhanger should have a few people happy.

  20. @coltrane68 agree why did we need Blade. Everyone already forgot he was english

  21. i thought blade wanst to bad.  i dont think he will be a constent char, or even last long but he adds something that no one esle has.  unwavering dedication to his job.

    blade isnt a favorite of mine but i thought someone should stand up for him.

  22. @Captian: I see what ya mean about Blade. I mean it’s great Cornell is using a C level hero and trying to make him a big team player. But if his role is just gonna be ‘kill first’ or ‘hate vampires’ before anything else….he isnt gonna last long in this series.

  23. @CaptainJack: Blade is planned as a long term character. Yes, at this point he is very much gunning for Spitfire. But Blade isn’t JUST about killing Vampires. He slay anything of a demon ilk, and let’s be realistic here – Wisdom let a hell of a lot of THOSE out into the British collective conscious. That’s going to be MI13’s remit from here on out. And frankly you won’t find many better for the job.

  24. I thought this issue was a little off. Not as enjoyable as the previous, maybe it is the additon of Blade. Here’s to hoping Brian gets back his bride.

  25. @theswordisdrawn Yeah that’s what i’ve been saying to all my friends. Blade is your one stop shop for demon killing.

  26. Didn’t enjoy this issue much at all. Honestly I can’t see what all the fuss about this series is. It’s not great. Two more issues then I drop it.

  27. What exactly don’t you like about it, Mountainwildcat?

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