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  1. I’m not upset to say that I’ve been avoiding this because of Secret Invasion. Yes I know this is a teriffic series, but I wanna see how this holds up on it’s own without the help of a big event to draw in people. Hopefully this becomes the next big thing for me and my pull list.

  2. I think it will be pretty sweet. I always liked the character Blade ( probably just because I think dustin’ vampires seems cool). I can’t wait to pick up this one.

  3. I’m so excited to see what Cornell does with this book now that the mandatory SI tie in issues are over (although those were probably the best tie-ins I read).

  4. So, I like Spitfire, but I don’t like Pete Wisdom. I sort of like Captain Britain, but…he’s not the same bulky, drunken Brian Braddock I enjoyed in Excalibur. Reading this book, as good as the SI tie-ins were, just reminds me that you can’t go home again. I can’t justify keeping this book on my pull list anymore.

  5. Off to the land of forgotten Fav’s with you Captain Britain. Say hello to Green Arrow Black Canary and Booster Gold for me.

  6. Hey FACE couldnt agree more I dropped both those issues too. Booster Gold nothing was wrong with it but im just not that big a Booster fan but Green Arrow Black Canary what a huge mess that book became. It started out as one of my favorite books. I would get it anf have to read it right away. Then the book derailed and i  dont know what Judds thinking but there like 13 issues in on the same first story arc LAME noone cares anymore. I refuse to buy any Judd Winnick books.

  7. Diabhol- I’m confused. You admit the SI tie-ins were good, but you can’t justify keeping a book you like?  That makes no sense.  If you like it, read it.  As for Braddock not being the same character, I’d say that Braddock is more in-character now than he has been in years.  Certainly better written than he was in New Excalibur.

  8. Still not decided on this one – have enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to see where its going now the SI tie-in is out of the way.  Understand the next story arc doesn’t get going until issue 6 tho’.  Its good to have Captain B back.

  9. I’m with some of you guys.  I hope that this book holds up without the SI tie-in, and I really believe it can.  Its just such a fun book.  The end of last issue reminded me of "The 13 ghost of Scooby Doo"  anyone else watch that?  They release ghost from a chest and then they go around trying to put them back in.  I totally thought that was where this series would go for a while.

  10. This book is already getting better now that the SI tie-in is over and Cornell’s getting more comfortable writing the characters.

    Issue #5 is the best one yet.

  11. BTW – Pencils were by Pat Olliffe and inks by Paul Neary, not Kirk and Delperdang as noted above.

  12. I’m kinda dissapointed that the first book we get after secret invasion, now that this book is free to go it’s own way, is a prologue. Nothing of interest happens except for the last page. Then again it was cool to see Union Jack for two pages.

    I love this book and I hope the next issue kicks it up a notch.

  13. I have to disagree cman12, I really liked this issue.  In a way, it felt more like an introductory issue then #1 did.  Depends on your preferences whether that is good and bad, I think its good.  I loved all the character interactions and felt that it really helped me connect with them more.  After this issue, I believe The Black Knight is actually my favorite team member.  I love that they are essentially going to be monster hunters now.  Is Captain Midlands new?  Most likely its just that my knowledge of the British heroes is not all it could be.  Funny, the whole time I was wondering what Blade would do when he met up with Spitfire, and then…well then I got my answer. 

  14. Once again I find myself torn between the immediate gratification of a monthly book followed by the awful wait between issues, and the immediate gratification of reading somethng in Graphic Novel form, with the annoyance of hearing how awesome it is, but having to wait months at a time.   Pros and Cons of both are surprisingly similar.  For this book I was able to read the first 4 issues in one night, so I finished an arch.  It was freaking awesome.  But yesterdays issue was also good, but I’m left without the feeling of catharsis that follows after finishing an entire arch.  I loved the story telling and Faz’s mum and dad, and wanted more from Blade, and the cliffhanger was perfectly executed. It was superbly paced.  But… I want more NOW!  It was worth reading Y: the Last Man in trade, is it worth it for this book? 

  15. I thought this issue was almost all set-up. It was insanely good, and that last page made me go "Oh snap!" but beyond that it was just really good exposition…

  16. I’ve been watching a lot of activity around this title at my local shop so I thought I would pick this issue up since it appears to be starting a new arc. This is the first time I’ve read this book and I have to say, I was underwhelmed. Of course I don’t know any of the characters so I have no investment in whether they live or die.


    I’ll give it another issue or two but so far not so good

  17. this was a good book.  If you know anything about Blade than his actions shouldn’t suprise you.  it will be intresting to see a "does not play well with others" type of personality like him in a group set up.

  18. i think the writing in this series is pretty good. my only complaints with this new arc is the bad ass black dude (blade) and the angry muslim father. perhaps i’m too "pc" and maybe paul cornell is just writing blade in character. also, does blade have tats on his head? can we retcon some of the 90’s bullshit outta these characters so they don’t look like total twits please. i guess the angry father figure isn’t new but it’s kinda lame.

    overall i liked the fist arc and this issue, with my petty complaints aside, is still pretty good. i look forward to the next issue.

  19. Cornell is a writer who’s work I enjoy – He’s quirky and usually finds a fun angle for otherwise mundane stories.  Even his "duds" tend to offer me something worthwhile.  Oliffe’s guest spot on art was solid as well.  As for the new team member, anyone else think Blade’s acting like a bit of a dick?

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