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  1. Paul Cornell can write a comic, Nuff Said.

  2. @kingbyper Absolutely right.

    This is easily one of the best tie ins to Secret Invasion even though its an ongoing series. Really caught me by surprise. This issue should be sweet too.

  3. I love this book, but I have to admit it surprises me that this is in the top 3 for pulls…how cool is that?

  4. @mistersizzle really cool

  5. I second Mistersizzles surprise. But I must say listening to the IFanboy Cornell interview this week made me even more interested. His love for the characters really came through and does so in the book as well.

  6. This has pretty much been my favorite book during Secret Invasion.  I’ll have to keep up with Captain Britain and MI:13 after SI is over.  The characters are cool and the art has been great.

  7. I finally got around to reading issues #1 & 2 today and am looking forward to picking this up. 

  8. Leonard Kirk is a great, underrated artist, too. So consistent for years yet still underappreciated, much like Stuart Immonen. His work here and there along with significant runs on Supergirl and JSA has always been outstanding.

  9. i got this book because of a friend and at first i wasn’t sure about it, BUT DANM! I am hooked this is a great comic, i feel that every issue has been amazing, never a dul moment art is great writing is great, good pace all the way through! All in all,just a great, and fun comic!!!!

  10. i think this book is great.  i love it. 

  11. The only thing I was a little disappointed by was the lack of an explaination for spitfire ripping out skrull throats with her teeth, er, fangs. Not that I need an explanation, but the summary info above implied I’d get one. I guess there’s always wikipedia. But the book was still awesome. This issue of throat biting was only something I thought about well after I finished reading the issue.

  12. This comic made me feel this overwhelming patriotism for like our entire planet.  It was gorgeous and heroic and inspiring.  Really the best thing so far in Secret Invasion, and I say that as a Bendis fanatic.

  13. Yes indeed, 5 stars from me. Brilliant. Who would have thought the whole John Lennon thing would have worked so well in a ‘mainstream’ book. I know Marvel have committed to 12 issues of this book, hopefully it’ll be an ongoing.


    This has been an excellent week, I’ve only given 1 book 5 stars before but I’ve given 3 comics the top marks already this week and I havn’t even read my DC book yet!

  14. "We don’t like to make a fuss" Brilliant!!!!!!

  15. Yeah, good ish, but this cover definitely seems misplaced?

  16. After hearing the guys interview Paul Cornel, it just gives me another reason to LOVE this book. 

    Was I the only one to notice how similar the design of Captain Britain’s, and Captain America’s costumes are? I thought that was a great touch.

  17. This was a great comment loved the way the flags moved around him and that his new uniform mirrors new cap in style.

  18. The bit with the flags flying from all over to cover his body?  Brilliant!

  19. Paul Cornell just rules. He Has an uncanny knack for totally owning whichever medium for which he becomes a fan. Us Doctor Who fans have worshipped him since 1992 or so

  20. I really need to find the first two issues and start reading this apparently.  I loved the Wisdom mini.  He did that right?

  21. @actualbutt yep. i really need to read that one, myself.

  22. It’s so cool that this book is getting this many pulls.  It’s a great book and i hope sales stay good.

  23. I loved the interview with Paul Cornell that was really great … I’m not totally sold on this yet probably because I have no interest in many of the caharcters … maybe that will grow on me. I enjoyed the parts with the black knight as he is one of my all time favorite characters but the rest of the story was solid but not wow.  I am glad so many others are enjoying it though. 

  24. Am I the only one who thinks this issue was just a little herky-jerky? It’s like the pages were rearranged, where we can still follow the story okay, but they would move the suspense and battle along much better in a different order. I really appreciate the grand return of you-know-who, but it seems like they put him at all the battles at the same time – very poor issue continuity. And the release of Merlin also released all those magic baddies, too? Why did the gravity of this disaster not even get mentioned in passing? Also, is Merlin joining the fight now? My least favorite issue to date. P.S. If spitfire is a vampire, does she have to hide during the daylight? What a crappy hero if she’s only available at night, especially during those long summer days.

  25. That’s the thing! I don’t think Spitfire is a vampire?! Yet? Right? Unless I missed her being a vamp somewhere?

  26. I really like this series, but (1) WTF did this cover have to do with anything inside this issue (2) why redesign the wonderful Alan Davis designed Cap. Britain costume.  This new costume does not compare in my opinion.  If it ain’t broke…

     I still really like this series so far however.

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