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  1. One step closer to the end. 🙁 

    Oh well, its been a blast and I’m sure this issue will be quite fun.

  2. I’ll be waiting to pick this issue up when I got back to my comic shop in NJ (While away at school, I keep a meager pull list at my "home" shop. They appreciate the business and let me roll in after a few months.) 

  3. Sigh…I hope this isn’t the end of these characters. Maybe they could relaunch it as eXcalibur or something. Leonard Kirk is truly deserving of a higher profile book.

  4. I think I’m still in denial.

  5. @Davetron3k We all are 🙁

  6. Really nice cover on this one…

  7. I just got to know these characters for the first time and now they are being taken away so soon. I would give anything to have this title keep going. I’m loving it every month.

  8. Theres a lot of pulls on this so how is dying?  :/

  9. I didn’t see much chatter about the annual.  I really liked the cricket scene because it seemed to be Cornell’s direct nod to all those old X-Men softball scenes.  Really great.  Going to savour the last few issues. 

  10. I’m hoping Marvel will compromise a bit and give Cornell mini’s and oneshots for this title’s future. They can’t let this die…NOT LIKE THIS!

  11. I’ll be sadly picking this up.  I hope that we’ll see more, but I fear that it will be done in a way to make us regret even asking. 


  12. Who would’ve thought I could be even more sad about this book ending?  This issue was fantastic.

  13. Great little twist.  Agreed that this makes me more depressed that we will be losing this fantatic book.

  14. I really hope at some point someone at Marvel sits down with this book and tries to figure out how to make this astounding creative team and characters continue in some form (Captain X-Britain and MI-X?)

  15. Reading two Cornell books this week, I noticed that he has some dialogue issues. Sometimes his dialogue doesn’t "flow" very well. Characters say things that are confusing and jarring and I find myself having to quickly reread sections to understand what a character means.

  16. @ScorpionMasada I’ve noticed that before in previous issues and that was one problem I’ve had with the title.

    This was a good issue. I was a little disappointed by the twist and it felt like a bit of a cop-out, truth told. Still it was a fun and exciting read. I’m really going to miss this series. 4/5. 

  17. It was definitely a cop-out, but after thinking about it a bit, I thought it was kind of a cool cop-out and forgave it.

  18. The twist worked, and worked well, because it had been previously set up – But I bet the majority of you had forgotten about it. Great issue. Loved it.

  19. Uh, so who is Gloriana? The intended impact of her reveal on the last page didn’t work for me simply because I didn’t know who she was. Is she a character from earlier on in the series? I didn’t jump until #10 and haven’t read any of the trades yet.

  20. @Paradiddle-Yeah, it can be confusing because she references herself with two names.  She is Capt. Brit.’s wife.  She made a small appearance earlier on the series, can’t remember what issue.  She has been trapped in Hell and during the annual, a few weeks ago, she escaped.

  21. @Paradiddle – She’s Meggan Braddock, Captain Britain’s wife who returned in #7 and was the focus of the Annual a couple of week’s back.

  22. Ahhh, so that’s why I didn’t understand the context of the Annual very well, either. I really need to go back and read those trades. Thanks for the info.

  23. @theswordisdrawn It’s not that I forgot about it, it just felt cheap, all told. Still I enjoyed it.

  24. This was great, I thought the twist was well done. Best Dracula story ever.

  25. @warlock It really has been. It sets up Dracula as a real credible bad guy in marvel, too. Something he hasn’t been for a long time.


  26. I am so going to miss this book. I now have a cornell radar installed at my home to try and pick up all the books he does. Does anyone know if he is slated for another book soon?

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