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Losing control of his powers, unable to stop the sensory overload in his mind, Captain Atom wants nothing more than to find a quiet place to regroup.

But how can he shut out the signals floating in the air – especially when they’re crying out for help?

Written by J.T. KRUL

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Okay…I want to give this book a chance, but the first issue didn’t draw me in as much as I had hoped. I’m onboard at least until issue #3 when The Flash makes an appearence.

  2. I think I am the only cat who is hoping that this incarnation of Captain Atom is a DCU version of Dr. Manhattan a la Watchmen issue 4 (Watchmaker).

    While Cap Atom’s design leaves me a it wanting. I am a fan of this type of hero – Capt Atom… Solar…. Dr Manhattan. And finally, a nod to the old skool

    • I would not mind if Krul takes our chap Capt. Atom toward a Dr. Manhattan angle at all. Because I like the Captain Atom as a character and I do like the concept, but perhaps it is the way it is being portrayed.

  3. Freddie Williams II is selling me a few issues, but probably not much longer unless the writing gets a little better.

  4. The only thing this board hates more than JT Krul is the Legion! (Not me, I love the Legion, but I’m just saying).

  5. I couldn’t stand the first issue of this. It was one of the few books that was so bad that I couldn’t give it a second book.

  6. Some one put in in my pull box and I thought that it was one of the shop guys who knew me, so I gave it a shot. This book was pretty lame. No mas.

  7. I thought the art looked like a jumbled mess.

  8. I am very upset with this book all the way around! I like Captain Atom (Nathaniel) very much as a character however; I believe they have really lost him. The new look is just not working and seems very bland and even almost like no one really cares either way. This is also apparent in the wriiting and the artwork within these pages that have left me scratching my head like most. This is one character they should not have changed this much since he could have been a lot of fun just the way he used to be. Like everyone has been saying some of our characters may not come out of this reboot very well and I am starting to think Cap is one of them!
    I agree the story and art seemed jumbled all over the place no real sense of direction and I still do not understand how he ended up in reforming in a river? His powers seem so vast that he may be a god amoung super heroes if only he can stop complaining and wondering if he can keep himself together? So every time he encounters trouble is there going to be a struggle form with in? Will he eventually become confident in his poers and be able to keep him self together and then what he flies off into outer space since the earth will become to small and boring for him? He started out becoming another Firestrom like character, no he seems to be headed to an almost like Dr. Manhattan type. Just not liking this book and one of my favorite characters; art and story and development I really wanna give it a big 0.

    Sorry DC, just not good!

    Just sayin’,


  9. okay. the second issue was so much better than the first issue. I love this new direction that they’re bringing cap atom to. and the writing made cap atom so relatable. I think this goes in my pull list

  10. I’m really torn on this book and this is how I know. After reading issue #2, I went to rate the book with the intention of giving it 3 stars. I accidently gave it 4 and I was like, “urghhhh…crap”.

    I really want this book to succeed (I like the character and the concept), but I just can’t get into it for some reason. I really don’t think its JUST the writing or JUST the art, but both. They aren’t horrible, but just not excellent either.
    The story seems a bit scattered…almost as if it is mirroring what is happening with Captain Atom.

    I’m in this thing at least another issue (mainly because of The Flash appearance), but after that, all bets are off.

  11. Not my cup of tea but…..

    … did you catch the bit about Mars in this issue? At least the Dr. Manhattan comparisons are being addressed in a funny way.

  12. Great issue – one of the surprises from the new DCU for me… Supergirl, Birds of Prey, this book, OMAC… did not think i’d be reading those titles

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