Behind enemy lines!

Bucky and Cap have faced the horrors of war on many fronts, but this issue, they go further into the depths of evil than our young heroes realized possible.

And what is the secret that connects the Cap and Bucky series to the modern day stories – the clues begin to add up this issue, as Brubaker, Andreyko, and Samnee keep the pedal to the medal.

Story by Ed Brubaker & Marc Andreyko
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Bettie Breitweiser
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Ed McGuinness & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. They should just have Samnee do a cover.

  2. So, they are connecting these one and done WWII stories to the modern day stories? Do they mean directly, like a plotline in Cap now will line up, or do they just mean generally… i.e., this is how modern Cap and Bucky came to be.

    • I think they’re just appeasing the bucky fans until they bring him back. These retrocentric WWII stories are a great way to add depth to the character without having to have a “The return of”, “Rebirth”, “Franken-“, etc. Banner to the top of the book. Which i’m 1,000,000% ok with.

  3. they could do these WW2 stories forever and i would be happy with that

  4. this book had to connect to the future eventually. hoping it’s good. I think this book is what is making Bucky not seem dead.

    • It’s like Pulp Fiction where at the end of the movie, Vince was still alive.

    • I actually used to think that Bucky was the one Marvel character who would stay dead. No way I think he stays dead more than a few weeks now.

      While Brubacker’s done a great job w/ Bucky and the whole WInter Soldier bit, I still think editorial should have told him to find a different angle to bringing that sort of character into Captain America.

      I hate that being dead means zero at DC and Marvel. Z E R O.

  5. Man, this book hits hard! Potent stuff. Super excited for Commie Bucky stories.

  6. What I wouldn’t give to keep Samnee on this…

    • Is he out? Was this his last issue?

    • @CaseyJustice: Francesco Francavilla is coming on the book.

    • @Conor: Thank you for that. After I posted the above statement, I spent half an hour trying to remember who it was that was replacing Samnee.

      Not as big a fan of Francavilla as Samnee by a longshot, but I’m just so interested in the next story arch that I’m going to at least give it a shot.

      I hope they make a trade of these Samnee issues of Cap. Its one of my favorite runs since I got back into comics.

    • Wow. One of the few names that could quell my sorrow at Samnee’s departure. Well played, Marvel…

    • Next issue, #624, is Samnee’s last. #625 begins Francavilla’s run along with a new co-writer, James Asmus. Francavilla gets to do his own covers.

  7. This book gets better every issue!

  8. The small thumbnail of this cover makes him look like the gaptoothed bloke from Mad Magazine…(checks wiki)…Alfred E. Neuman!

  9. Well it seems this has the highest rating this week and I am here to check on the comments to see what the hopla is?
    I think I am going to pick this up and Daredevil as well maybe even all five DD issues since it sounds like that is a winner as well. Is this really that good; 4.7?

    Just sayin’,


    • it’s really that good. And has been since Cap became Cap and Bucky.

    • @Flash923: I think its been 4 issues of Cap and Bucky, each was a little one shot story of a past experience with Cap and Bucky, narrated by Bucky, that takes place during WWII. With art by Samnee and the colors by Breitweiser, it was possibly the best thing I’ve been reading each month.

      As for picking up Daredevil, its been very good as well. A little lawyeriness, some superheroing, Daredevil actually happy and full of life for once. In my opinion, the first three issues, before Martine comes on, were better than the two since he has, but they’ve all been damn good. I highly suggest both books.

  10. This series has been tremendous. I could handle another dozen WWII era stories.

    I LOVE Francavilla.

  11. Love the art on this series. The cover could have popped a little more. But what’s inside was really a feast for the eyes. Very enjoyable.

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