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The Trial of Captain America begins here! Nothing will ever be the same again, and this time we mean it. Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and acclaimed artist Butch Guice continue to take Captain America to new heights!


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  1. I am intrigued by this story line, so I will flip through it at the store, even though I dropped this title 2 issues ago. But so help me, if I see Captain America running around and callously breaking the hands of innocent monocled Nazis, I am so out of there!

  2. I don’t know what to make of this freakin’ book. The last arc had a lot of promise but wound up disappointing on almost every… wait a minute, did that say Daniel Acuna?!?! Son of a B, that makes me want this even less! It’s like they’re daring me not to get it! I may just take them up on their challenge…

  3. This definitely deserves at least one more issue.

  4. Ugh Acu

  5. ugh…i think after years of Cap, i may be dropping this until Steve is back. Brubaker just doesnt have me interested in Bucky as cap anymore. Acuna isn’t my cuppo either. Gah, bummer.

  6. I agree with all the comments so far.  I dropped this book at 610.  Doesn’t seem special anymore.  The Bucky as Cap has lost its sizzle.  The art has been horrible as well.

  7. Just bailed on Cap. We’ll see if it’s worth waiting for the trade.

  8. Stever Rogers: Super Solider has proven that Brubaker needs to be writing Steve Rogers and not Bucky. This book has been highly underwhelming.

  9. Is Acuna doing this whole arc?  I don’t mind him at all, but I don’t see him fitting this very well.

  10. Ugh..I dropped this back during the hilariously bad "Two Americas" arc, only to pick it back up when the Zemo arc got some hype. I’ll read this issue, but unless its a 5 star book I am so done. I’ll come back if they get a decent artist or if Steve returns to his shield-wielding duties.

  11. I’m confused, why is Bucky Cap on trial now? Did he refuse an order in a previous ish or something?

  12. The world found out he was the Winter Soldier.

  13. Is Acuna doing the main story? I thought he was doing the Nomad backup. I really want to drop this book but I will give this trial a shot.

  14. While I agree that some of the bucky sizzle has wafted away. I still like the concept better than Steve, ALTHOUGH i DO love steve. You know, however, that if Bucky gets steve’s old book that they’ll find a new one for Steve… the reverse is not necessarily true even though it is right now. All in all i’m not ready to give up Bucky as Cap yet!

  15. I still cast my vote that USAgent should be the focus on this series.

    Yes I know what happened to him after Siege (but this was an idea before that event)…..either way I would love to see him get his own series. 

  16. Altogether a really gook issue. the art in both parts bugged me at points but the Cap art was on the whole very good. 

     "Kennedy was a Skrull." Best line of the issue.

  17. Dammit! Every time I try to drop this book they come out with an incredible issue like that to remind me why Bucky was worth bringing back at all. Fantastic character piece.

  18. Conor gave this a 5. Ron gave this a two. Josh dropped it (and I did too, a while ago). Really want to hear the guys debate this issue on this week’s podcast, though. I picked up an issue from a few months back and wasn’t wowed but was intrigued.

  19. I didnt realize how much the art was bugging me on this book till this issue…Acuna was fantastic and a very very welcome ubgrade, I am as excited about CA as I have been in a long time.

  20. Just not digging the art at all.

  21. I normally hate Acu

  22. Been a fan of Acuna’s since he did Freedom Fighters for DC, liked his stuff on this; gonna enjoy this arc better than last too. 

    Forgot Sin had fallen off the ugly tree before, whoa.  She clearly will be making some sorta come back, can’t wait.

  23. So, so good.  When Guice was on, he was ON.  His last issue or two, it just wasn’t working.  I hate to see Acuna off of Black Widow, but I’m glad he landed on my other super spy/hero book.  And Brubaker?  Wow.  Can we PLEASE put him on two Avengers books instead of Bendis?  The man gets character, he gets plotting, and he knows how to ratchet up the tension.

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