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Zemo and Bucky — two characters linked through history whether they like it or not. And now Zemo has set his sights on Bucky and plans to destroy our new Captain America one step at a time. Part 2 of the senses-shattering “No Escape” arc will rock Bucky’s world to the core! Brought to you by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker & Sean McKeever
PENCILS: Mitch Breitweiser, Butch Guice & David Baldeon
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. "Zemo and Bucky" How can I say no?

  2. Last issue was ok, not POW worthy.  Hope this is ok too.

  3. The Bucky story last issue was also readable and did not make me want to stab my eyes out with a old pair of scissors. I still don’t think it fits with Cap, but I didn’t feel like a bad saturday morning cartoon.                                   

  4. Well, after last week’s issue of T-Bolts, looks like I’ll have to get my Zemo fix over here. Good thing it’s awesome!

  5. Last issue was fantastic.  I dropped it after the 3 part Death of Cap run.  Just lost my interest.  They’ve got me back now though!

  6. This will be the arc that helps me decide whether to drop the series

  7. Issue 606 of this was so good…. I can’t WAIT to see where this story goes!


    Zemo is so f’n awesome…


    And I agree with the above poster…the Nomad feature was actually good last issue, too…hope it keeps up!



  8. So what ever happened to the shriveled Cap body that Tony Stark cried over?

  9. It’s with ‘baby May’ 😉

  10. the last arc with insane Cap was pretty lame but last issue I finally felt like Brubaker was back with the Captain America I love reading again.  I hope this issue continues with similar quality.

  11. Oh and get rid of the Nomad back-ups…they have little to nothing to do with the main story, the mood is completely different and it’s a waste of my extra buck.

  12. Marvel will not let that extra buck slip through their long, vise-like grip. Cap is going to be a $4 until it becomes a $5 book. Be thankful they still feel they have to give you a back-up. You are right that the tone is all wrong to match what Brubaker is doing, but at least McKeever seems to have decided to meet at the half point by introducing a creepy serial killer and nixing the Saved by the Bell antics.

  13. Hmp.  For some reason, this issue is pencilled by Breitweiser and inked by Guice. So Guice did what, one issue? Other than that this was a great read.

  14. I’d read an Iron-Hand Hauptmann mini series.

  15. Great issue, had a very pulp feel, probably due to the art more than anything, which I thought was very good.

  16. @Grandturk- if you’ve been following the books, it’s pretty apparent.  it was dropped back in the Arctic and then through a combination of Zola and Doom science was made healthy again.  that body is the same one Steve is walking around with currently.

    Breitweiser did a solid job here.  I also love seeing the mix of villains from Hauptmann to this new female Beetle, all good stuff. 

  17. Breitweiser did an EXCELLENT job. This is one of the best issues of Cap in a while and I’m one of the few people around here that hasn’t been shitting on the book lately. If anyone here dropped Cap before, it’s time to pick it the fuck up, ’cause this was AWESOME.


  18. @ Birdseye – really?  I gotta go back and re-read.  I don’t remember that.  For some reason I thought it was a clone body or something that Skull wanted to get in.

     Oh well – I guess I gotta wait for another Omnibus because I gave my floppies away.

  19. Pretty good issue, built more on the last one. The art still seems somewhat shakey, which has been the real problem with the post reborn issues in my opinion. I hope they get some stable, quality art in these books to re-solidify my interest in the title.

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